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Charvel Model 3R (Blue Crackle) - $850- SOLD!!!

Filed Under (Charvel, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 08-02-2012

An ALL ORIGINAL Model 3RR (Reverse neck) in VERY CLEAN condition.These models are alot rarer than the Model 3DR which, came with 1XHumbucker and a single slant pick-up at the neck. The Model 3R has the standard Model 3 lay out with a cut-away back and reverse neck. There weren’t alot of these produced!! This guitar looks awesome. If your a crackle collector? A must for the collection!!

As mentioned in really nice condition and has been well maintained. VERY light pick scratching (Players ware) Hardware mega-clean, 80% plus frets, only 1x laquar only chip to the back edge (touched up) and almost unoticable. Other than that, VERY close to mint Con. These guitars still to this day make an impact when seen live, they just look great and have the balls to back it up! I laugh when I see the OVER PRICED Fender owned Charvels of today, these older models sound just as good and are alot more striking visually (My opinion anyway).

Body : Solid Basswood
Neck : 1 pc Maple (Reversed)
Fingerboard : 22 jumbo fret, Rosewood w/Reversed shartooth inlay
Bridge : Jackson JT6 locking system
Pick-ups : (Front & Middle) 2xJ-100 single coils, (Rear) 1XJ-90C High out-put humbucker
Controls : 1 Volume , 1 Tone, w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Blue Crackle

Charvel Model-4 (Shop Original) - $850- SOLD!!!

Filed Under (Charvel, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 08-08-2011

This all original Model-4 is a Semi-Order, Ikebe Shop Original from 1987!! Shop Original models are rarely seen these days and dont come up for sale that often. At the time some of the bigger musical instrument stores in Japan brought out their own original models, EG. Matching heads, Graphics (Mega-Rare), Artist series with the likes of Jake E.Lee, Gary Moore, Alan Holdsworth, George Lynch etc… These models are interesting to collect and are always sought after by collectors outside of Japan.

The most AMAZING thing about this guitar is the condition!!! The previous owner of this guitar has looked after it very well. This is a 24yr old guitar that has been hardly played at all and properly maintained, it looks amazing. There is almost no ware to the hardware or frets, the body has VERY light players ware, a little scuff on the back plate other than that its like mint condition. A VERY rare find!!

It came in a non original soft case BUT if your after an original soft case we can find them no problems.

Body : Solid Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple
Fingerboard : 22 jumbo fret, Rosewood w/Pearl sharktooth inlay & matching head
Bridge : Jackson JT6 Locking system
Pick-ups : (Front & Middle) J200 Dual coil, Bi-Level Humbucking (Designed for use with active circuitry), (Rear) J50BC Accentuated High Frequency Bridge position humbucking(Designed for use active cicuitry)
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 tone, Jackson low impendence JE-1200 electronics with mid-boost, 3 way mini toggles
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Red

Ibanez J Custom JCS-1(S9870)CRS - $2500 - Sold!!

Filed Under (Ibanez, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 01-08-2011

This is the VERY sought after JCS-1 (S9870) from 2000~2002. ONLY 12 were originally released in 2000, due to their popularity Ibanez extended production until 2002, in total 36 made ONLY!! (2 of which I own, I’m a big S series fan). S series J Customs are very few and far between getting hold of them is very difficult, these models sold out almost instantly when first released.

Quite often we are contacted by collectors/musicians wanting to slim down thier collection or sell a particular guitar, which is great because we can pass on a little bit of history surrounding an instrument. This was a one owner guitar purchased in 2002 by a pro muso who only used it for recording purposes. He plays in a Metal band that sounds similar to Extreme and has done a few radio/T.V commercials with it (Never been played live). It was purchased because of its incredible sound and versatility, it has also been well maintained.

This is a beautiful looking AAAA grade Quilted Maple top and matching head with a Honduras Mahogany back and again Honduras Mahogany/Bubinga set-in neck with an Ebony fingerboard. All are quite heavy woods so there are very rich, warm tones and deep, crunchy lows. The playability, versatility and sound of this J Custom oozes quality. You dont just hear it, you feel it!!.

The appearance and condition of the JCS-1 is very, very good its in awesome playing condition, little ware to the hardware, 80%+ frets, very light scuff/scratching to the back and a small ding to the back top edge, overall very nice collectable condition all in its original case. This maybe the only one of its kind in Australia, this is one serious looking, sounding machine!!!

I would love to dribble on more but, on another note Being a very big S series fan, if your after 540S LTD, FM, gambale S series guitars from the late 80’s~late 90’s with the DiMarzio/Ibanez U.S.A or q series pick-ups and custom made inlay etc.. tell us we can get them.

Body : AAAA Quilted Maple top & binding w/Honduras Mahogany back
Neck : 5pc Honduras Mahogany/Bubinga, Super Wizard set-in neck, Quilted Maple matching head
Fingerboard : Ebony w/binding, Abalone off-set dot inlay and Custom Jumbo frets
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) DiMarzio Air Norton, (Middle) DiMarzio Blue Velvet, (Rear) DiMarzio Tone Zone
Controls : 1 Vol, 1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Pearl Gold
Colour : CRS (Cherry Red Sunburst)

Ibanez WRB3 CA (Reb Beach Sig.) Signed - $1800 - Sold!!

Filed Under (Ibanez, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 18-07-2011

This MEGA-RARE Sig. belongs to the melodic, two hand tapping, shredding machine Reb Beach. If you don’t know him? you should!! This guy is one of the classiest players on the planet. When the 80’s Hair Metal band Winger fell apart in the early 90’s Reb Beach was unleashed. The list of musicians he has recorded/toured with would fill this page. Between solo projects he has recorded/toured with the likes of Alice Cooper, Andy Timmons, Dokken, Night Ranger, Whitesnake etc… and now splits most of his time with a reformed Winger and Whitesnake. You might want to check Reb out on Youtube he is amazing to watch.

Anyway back to the WRBM3. This was released in 1990 ONLY along with the WRBM3 GRP graphic model (Wingers album cover). They were released in VERY LIMITED numbers and most signed by Reb. These guitars are almost never seen anymore and are way rarer than Reb’s other sig. model the Voyager. Like the Voyager the WRBM3 is a very unique Reb Beach design and whats even more unique is the specially designed soft case. The case was designed just for this model and the cool part is, the case strap is your guitar strap as well. The strap works just like the Di Marzio clip-lock strap, just clip on clip off, one strap two purposes. This case is no flimsy soft case either its tough and sturdy. This guitar sounds very smooth, Mahogany bodies and E.M.G’s are a match made in heaven, crunch, clarity and warmth. Reb’s sig. neck is also very comfortable to grip, not to thick not to thin and the Jim Dunlop #6130 frets feel great, very similar to a Steve Vai neck.

The condition of this monster is very good. There is some light scratching around the Ibanez logo on the head and some scratching to the signed back plate, other than that its in very good players condition. Its VERY HARD to find guitars with weird shapes with no dings or heavy scratching. The frets are about 75% still, almost no ware to the hardware, its very clean for its age. It looks great and sounds awesome!! If your a collector of rare Ibanez guitars you wont want to miss out on this. For the Reb Beach fan who cant get hold of a WRBM3 and cant afford the 5k for his Suhr sig. model this is a great oppotunity.

Body : Mahogany
Neck : 1pc Maple RBM Sig.
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/dot inlay and Jim Dunlop #6130 frets
Bridge : Edge Tremolo
Pick-ups : (Front) E.M.G SA, (Middle) E.M.G SA, (Rear) E.M.G 85
Controls : 1 Volume with 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Candy Apple Red

Jackson U.S.A PC-1 Au Natural ( Phil Collen Sig. ) Signed!! - $2600 - SOLD!!

Filed Under (Jackson, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 05-05-2011

This is honestly the most impressive Jackson I have ever played!! Whether your into Def Leppard’s Phil Collen or not, the sounds you can create on the PC-1 are out of this world. No matter what music your into, this covers the lot and strongly recommended for the guitarist who wants MORE out of his/her guitar. Endless possibility for the guitarist who likes to experiment. With the regular combination of a volume, tone and 5 way selector, you have 1 nob and 2 switches to play with. 1 switch is your sustainer on/off and the nob controls the intensity of the sustain and drive, when the nobs turned up the sustain/drive really kicks in and WOOOW! The other switch is your mode/drive switch, which when activated gives awesome harmonics with no wailing mess. You can either activate sustain, drive or both PLUS your regular combination.

The PC-1 has killer tones when nothing is activated and running like a regular guitar, it has a very warm, smooth, crunch with the Di Marzio Super 3 in the bridge. Ive always been abit mmmmm about sustainers as they tend to be abit messy but the Jackson sustainer is crystal clear with no wailing interference at all, its very very impressive. If your into Satch/Vai type soloing? even better. How much the PC-1 can do for you is limited by your imagination, its quite hard to explain with such little space but I found myself like a kid with his favourite toy on Christmas day.

The condition of the PC-1 is like “MINT” 95% plus frets, no ware at all, this guitar was very rarely played and treated like a baby. This was a one owner guitar that was purchased at the Tokyo Guitar Show when Phil was demonstrating his own PC-1 at the Jackson booth. The owner also had Phil sign the guitar twice with pics of Phil signing it. It also comes with hang tags, manuals, information explaining how the sustainer/driver works from Jackson, wrenchs etc.. all in its original case. This is a beautiful natural looking guitar that was very well thought out when designed and one of those guitars you won’t put down.

Body : Mahogany w/Quilted Maple top
Neck : 1 pc quartersawn Eastern Rock Maple
Fingerboard : Compound-radius, Flame Maple
Bridge : Original Floyd-Rose
Pick-ups : (Front) Jackson Sustainer/Driver, (Middle) Di Marzio H2, (Rear) Di Marzio Super 3
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone Sustainer/Driver, Driver/Mode switches, Sustainer intensity nob, 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Gold
Colour : Au Natural

(Gibson Japan) Epiphone Zakk Wylde Sig. Les Paul “PeeWee” Bullseye & Flying “VeeWee”Bullseye-$400each, ALL SOLD

Filed Under (Epiphone, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 14-04-2011

For the ultimate Zakk fan and that little Jr. Zakk, The Les Paul “PeeWee” & Flying “VeeWee” Bullseye. These are half the size of the big mans Sig guitars and are easy to take/play anywhere and anytime. Loads of fun, if you have an up and coming PeeWee metalhead? even better!! (Gotta keep the flag flying). They are 100% working/playing guitars with real woods and come with the FULL Zakk package (Of course everything is miniture). Its soooo cool.

We currently have 2x Les paul “PeeWee” Bullseye & 2x Flying “VeeWee” Bullseye sets. Each set contains, 1 half size miniture of Zakks Sig guitar, The Zakk Wylde Marshall MS-4ZW mini-stack, Sig strap, 3x Sig picks, cables, wrenchs and a special snug fit Zakk Sig softcase that fits everything in it. All complete and ready to rock on! (9v battery needed for the mini-stack only).

I was told (By a Gibson rep) that they were ordered by Gibson Japan for their domestic market only (At present) and we believe these are the only ones in Australia. These are limited edition sets so… once there gone, there gone and Zakks stuff goes very quick, how many more we might be able to secure is anybodys guess. If anyones interested in ordering more? tell us quick!!! these are selling before they hit the shelves in Japan!!
If you’ve got the real size Zakk Sig Gibson or Epiphone at home? wait till you see this sitting next to it, you wont stop grinning!!!

Body : Mahogany
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : Rosewood with dot inlay
Bridge : Mini-Tune-o-Matic
Pick-ups : 1x Epiphone Humbucker
Controls : 1 Volume
Hardware Colour : Chrome
Colour : Aged bullseye
Note : Both PeeWee & VeeWee have same specs.

Ibanez JPM100-P4 (John Petrucci Sig.) - $2400 - Sold!!

Filed Under (Ibanez, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 12-04-2011

Importstrings have another JPM100. This is the JPM100-P4 Picasso Graphics, the last model in the series of 4 to be released. The JPM100 series were produced from 1995~2000, the JPM100-P4 being released in 1998. As far as Ibanez signature collectables go, the JPM series rank HIGH! This series is one of the most sought after, especially the JPM100-P1A (Multi-coloured pick-ups), JPM100-P3 and JPM90HAM. Expect to pay big for those P3 and 90HAM models. These guitars also sound AWESOME, powerful, bright, smooth and for just 3 pick-up selections very versatile.

The only gripe I have with the P4 is the semi-matt finish, like all matt finished guitars they tend to mark easy. The P4 Importstrings have is in really good players condition. The top, sides, neck, head etc.. are in exellent condition, the only marks are a few VERY small, laquar ONLY chips to the back edge all about 1mm in size and abit of buckle rash next to the back plate. Thats it!! Other than that, in excellent playing/appearance and a very nice collectable. The P4 we have also comes with ALL the original papers, hang tags, hard case etc..

Note:Due to the present earthquake damage in Japan we are experiencing a few expected postage problems.

Body : Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple JPM type
Fingerboard : Dunlop 6100 Jumbo frets, Rosewood w/off set-dot and white binding,
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio Air Norton, (Rear) Di Marzio Steves Special
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way toggle selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Picasso P4 Graphics

Charvel Model-1 - $600- SOLD!!

Filed Under (Charvel, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 11-03-2011

An all original Model-1! Believe it or not, these models are geting quite scarce as the years go by. There is a couple of reasons why, One being that there very robust guitars with that BIG Model series sound and sadly this model suffers the most, as players want that neck.

In alot of cases this model is purchased for its neck alone. It takes very little time and $$ to fit a lock nut to the neck and they slip straight onto a Model 3 or 4.
Many Charvel Model series collectors would love to get a Model-4M (Maple neck) but, they are VERY hard to get hold of and this is an easy alternative.

The Model-1 is in great playing/appearance. Big J90c sound, frets are at 70%, a couple of VERY SMALL laquer ONLY dings, the predictable pick scratching and some light scratching to the back (The average players ware). Overall condition is very good for a now 24yrs old guitar. Abit of a buff for the fussy would bring it back to almost mint. These are awesome, sturdy little rockers with with a huge sound to boot.

Body : Solid Basswood
Neck : 1p Maple
Fingerboard : 22 Jumbo fret,Maple w/clay dot inlay
Bridge : Traditional 3-spring fulcrum tremolo
Pick-ups : 1 J-90c Ultra-High output humbucker
Controls : 1 Volume
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Vintage Ivory

Kramer C-2A (Grace Series) - $1250 - Sold!!!

Filed Under (Kramer, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 11-12-2010

Right from the start, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kramer’s Glide/Grace series from 1989 are some of the highest quality Kramers ever made.There is so much quality for $$ packed in these guitars, that if you were to buy a guitar with the equivalent specs today (E.S.P Horizon) you would be paying alot more. The Glide/Grace series always stir controversy when seen outside of Japan. I’ve heard people say Super Pacer, Pacer Deluxe, Bolt-on Stagemaster, Proto-type Horizon etc.. Fact is they were created for the Japanese market because the Japanese yearned for a top quality model.

The difference between the Glide and Grace is, the Grace is an archtop model with added pick-up/switch configurations. To add to the confusion when these guitars were released they actually came with mixed Pacer, Glide, Grace and Stagemaster truss rod covers. Why?Probably from a selling point.

At the time quite a few American companies EG. Kramer, Jackson/Charvel, Washburn, Dean etc..moved alot of their production to Japan but, there was still that “Made In U.S.A” image so, backplates, extra decals or model names were added. Backplates with the companies U.S.A address were added (these DO NOT say made in U.S.A) or in the case of the Kramer “American” series, which included their top model Stagemaster, an extra decal saying, “American” was added, even today this confuses people. From 1985 E.S.P were suppling almost everything for Kramer, they were either built and assembled in Japan or built in Japan and assembled in the U.S.A. Japan had pretty much the same models plus orignal to Japan only models, just a different name and or electrics (these are the JK, EK, LK, TK series) NOT the cheaper Focus and 100 series that were intended as a cheaper alternative for the overseas market. (Kramer was a very inconsistant, confusing company).

The C2-A that Importstrings have is an all original 1989 one year only product and the top model of the Glide/Grace series. The pick-ups used on the C2-A are E.S.P originals and were used on the early Horizons, Mirages etc.. They are very nice pick-ups, with pull/push coil tap on the volume and tone controls and direct switch. There is ALOT of sounds in this guitar and very versitile. In later years E.S.P would change this model slightly and call it the Horizon, like so many other Kramer models. This is really how E.S.P took off in the late 80’s.

The C2-A is in perfect playing condition, it sounds and performs awesome, frets are very clean and still have 80%+, there is some light scratching and a few small dings to the bottem edge, but nothing that jumps out at you. A couple of laquar only dings to the heads edge but, again nothing big and the previous owner has done some touch ups to those so not very noticable. For a guitar thats going on 20yrs+ its in really good appearance and plays fantastic. Quality for $$! Its a shame Kramer do not make guitars like this anymore. In their day, an amazing, innovative company, sad they bit off more than they could chew.

Body : Alder
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : Bound,24 fret,Ebony w/diamond inlay
Bridge : Floyd Rose
Pick-ups : (Front) E.S.P Power sleeper, (Rear) E.S.P Full Shaker
Controls : 1 Volume w/coil tap, 2 Tone w/coil tap, 3 way selector with direct switch
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Aqua Metallic

Charvel Limited Model-88 (No.679) - $1,000 - Sold!!

Filed Under (Charvel, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 10-12-2010

This is without doubt the most sought after Charvel by collectors of the Model series “The Charvel Model-88″. These days this guitar is usually only seen in collections, finding and or buying one is almost impossible. The collectors who have them VERY RARELY part with them. Its not uncommon to see this model go for well over $1000US, they are just that sought after!! There is also a pretty interesting story surounding the Model-88.

Just like the Limited Edition Jackson 88 models, the Charvel-88 was limited to only 1000pcs (All numbered) but due to a warehouse fire it is estimated that 50%~60% of the stock was lost, So there isn’t that many out there and the serial numbers are all over the place.

Another reason is there striking appearance. Unlike other Model series, this is the only Mahogany model and not your average Mahogany. This is the banned African Ribbon Mahogany, a rare Mahogany to find on guitars. Like all Mahoganys they darken over time, African Ribbon Mahoganys dark striped grain really darkens leaving the lighter grain go a golden brown, its a beautiful looking wood but apparently a nightmare to work with.

The Model-88 has very well balanced rich tones but alot of people who own them, swap the pick-up for an E.M.G 81 or 85 and I have to admit, I have played a Model-88 with an E.M.G 85 and it explodes!!! Very impressive!!

The Model-88 Importstrings have is in excellent playing condition, almost no ware to the hardware and has 75%+ frets. There is some fine scratching and a laquar only ding to the reverse part on the head, other than that, a VERY NICE used example. If you know anything about buffing and have abit of patience, a buff with a very fine compound will bring this guitar back to like new appearance (This is for the very fussiest person). Overall its in AWESOME playing condition/appearance for a guitar going on 22yrs. As mentioned a very difficult guitar to get hold of and the prize jewel in any Charvel collection. For those of you who always wanted to start up a Charvel collection? What a start this would make. Die hard collectors will know what I mean.

Body : African Ribbon Mahogany
Neck : Reversed Hard Maple
Fingerboard : 22 Jumbo fret,Rosewood w/Mother of pearl Sharkfin inlays
Bridge : Jackson JT-6 locking system
Pick-ups : J-90c Ultra-High output humbucker
Controls : 1 Volume
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Dark Sunburst