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New condition

One of the really cool things about E.S.P is they will give you a spec. sheet and a blank piece of paper for you to design what ever you want (at a not so cool cost though). These guitars are handmade all the way and you will get the same expert advice and craftsmanship just like the pros. they really do have some amazing Luthiers. As mentioned these custom order built guitars do not come cheap and the Horizon we have is a very nice example. This is a 2008 Customised Horizon II with 3 single coil Lace Sensor(Silver)Pick-ups, 1 Volume, 1 tone toggle switch for instant high & low’s and the colour is out of this world, this is an amazing colour to look at, it changes from Burgundy, Purple, Blue and Green w/matching head. The Lace Sensors are suppose to duplicate a 70’s strat and they do but, way clearer and crisper (More info. from Lace Sensor) I think they’re like a PAF PRO X EMG 81. The woods are top class and with the Lace Sensors are really bright sounding with heaps of sustain.

This is like a super cool looking, sounding Fender Strat. and is awesome for sounds such as Jimi, Floyd, Purple, Beck, Clapton, SRV, Gilbert, Malmsteen, Motorhead, older Priest ETC…It has that Blues/Rock not overly distorted sound, probably not suited to Heavier Metal bands like Overkill, Exodus,Slayer!!! This is one nice find and in “MINT” condition complete with the Custom Shop Certificate and Custom Fit Tour case. The Horizon II in Australia goes for well over 5K and a Custom built depending on specs. MORE!!(NO JOKE)Ours is a BARGAIN!!!

Body : Honduras Mahogany
Neck : Hard Maple 3 pc
Fingerboard : 24 Fret Ebony w/binding and Bone nut
Tuner : Sperzel Trim-Lok
Bridge : Gotoh GE103B-T& GE101Z
Pick-ups : 3 x Lace Sensor(Silver)
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone toggle switch, 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Chrome
Colour : “Illusion Colour”

E.S.P Kamikaze-2 $2500.00 - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

The story goes that when George Lynch was on tour in Japan with Dokken in the early days he went looking for a replacement neck. Knowing that E.S.P (from the Kramer days) were a company creating high quality, customised electronics and body parts. George stepped into a shop in Tokyo and walked out with a new sponsor and the blue-prints for the FAMOUS Kamikaze series. A guitar that is built for one purpose and one purpose only “ROCKIN” the Kamikaze series is one of the most recognizable guitars in the world, and one solid guitar weighing in at nearly 5kgs!!The Kamikaze uses some heavy woods and the perfect balance of pick-ups, creating only one sound and feel “LYNCH”. Import Strings have an 04 Kamikaze-2 from the original set of four Kamikaze’s in Camo-Blue, that is rarely seen these days in new condition and yes it sounds AWESOME!!!

Body : Hard Maple
Neck : 1 pc Hard Maple
Fingerboard : 22 fret, Ebony
Bridge : Floyd Rose Original
Pick-ups : (front)Seymour Duncan SSL-1, (Rear)Seymour Duncan TB-12(Sreamin Demon)
Controls : Master Volume w/E.S.P Custom Shop designed push -push
Hardware colour : Black
Colour : Camo Blue Graphics

Additional note : There is a small lacquer ding on the bottom left on the back of the body, and a few scratches on the back plate (which will be replaced upon purchase)otherwise new condition.

E.S.P VP-SL7(VIPER) $2200.00 - SOLD!

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New condition

One guitar that seriously needs a leash. The VP-SL7(VIPER) is a monster of a guitar, in name and in sound. Packed with E.M.G.81-7’s gives it bright clean tones, yet PUNISHING grunt when put through a distortion effect. Perfect for the guitarist who needs to deliver power.

E.S.P are famous for their craftsmanship and quality woods, the Honduras mahogany body of the Viper has great depth and sustain. The thin-U type neck is smooth and comfortable and the Viper just feels very brutal and sturdy. If you need power think Viper, because this guitar won’t disappoint!

Body : Honduras Mahogany
Neck : Hard Maple 3pc Thin U
Fingerboard : Rosewood 24 fret w/white binding abalone dot inlay
Bridge : Tone-Pros TP7 & Tone-Pros TIZ,
Pickups : (Front) E.M.G 81-7 (Rear) E.M.G 81-7
Controls : 1 Volume 1 Tone Toggle pickup selector
Hardware Colour : Black Nickel
Colour : Half Matt Black.


E.S.P George Lynch Sig.”SERPENT” Custom Shop (Signed) - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

We all know the guitar and we all know the man behind it, but for those who don’t. George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) has been endorsing E.S.P now for just on two decades and when you pick this axe up you’ll know why. Very versatile sound, considering the simplicity of the controls. The TB-12 is excellent for heavy riffing and has aggressive pinch harmonics that just cut through you. The tone is pure E.S.P and pure Lynch. The E.S.P Power rail keeps the TB-12 under control giving a clean warm sound, it’s like Jekyll and Hyde giving a unique balance for George’s SCAREY style.

On the back of the head the big man himself has signed it. This is a real head turner, screaming to be unleashed.

Body : Alder Maple top
Neck : Hard Maple Lynch sig.
Fingerboard : Rosewood 22 frets
Bridge : Schaller Floyd Rose Pat.
Pickups ; (Front) E.S.P Custom Lab Power Rails (Rear) Seymour Duncan TB-12 Screamin’ Demon
Controls : Master Volume, w/Push-Pull pickup selector switch
Hardware colour : Nickel Black.