Dean Hardtail PRO Tremlo $2700.00 - Deposit Taken

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New condition

It took nearly 10yrs for a teenage Dean Zelinsky’s designs to take off. He wanted to create a different guitar design than was presently on the market in the mid 70’s. Most artists relied on what was considered revamped vintage models. Dean’s first were the Z and V a copy of Gibson’s Explorer and Flying V, but sharper, more tones and sustain, with that trade mark V shaped head. It wasn’t until guitarist heard them that they went “WOOW”!! After early endorsees Randy Rhoads, Rudolf & Micheal Schenker, Adrian Smith, Billy Greer in the late 70’s to early 80’s and later on Dimebag Darrel & Zakk Wylde etc…that Dean was internationally recognized as a QUALITY guitar maker.

Dean Zelinsky sold the company in the mid 80’s to pursue a career in the furniture industry, but after changing owners a couple of times Dean is back on board with new owners Armidillo Enterprises. Today’s Deans are made in 4 countries, the U.S.A built original series, Japanese selected series and your affordable Korean/Chinese pumped out of the factory designs. (Dean really are cashing in on Dimebag there must be 4 billion designs now). In 2000 the HARDTAIL came out original design for the U.S.A and a sleeker, thinner neck design for the Japanese market, targeted at a newer generation who want that gorgeous vintage look and a modern shred feel. Japan at present only produce 2 sigs. the Hardtail and Soltero so turn out is limited and the craftsmanship/attention to detail is all HANDS ON!. The Hardtail would have to be one of my most favourite guitars, all quality, massive range, awesome crunch and solos like a dream. Its like a high end Les Paul Custom/P.R.S combined, there is just so much quality for $$ packed in this guitar its hard to fault!! The Hardtail Importstrings have is loaded with Dean U.S.A Custom Shop pick-ups, the high output “Equalizer” for massive crunch and highs and the medium output “Nostalgia” for those classic warm rock tones. Combined.

HEY You work it out!!! and in “MINT” condition. RRP in Australia well over 4K.

Body : Selected Mahogany w/AAAA Flame Maple Top
Neck : 1 pc Mahogany set neck
Fingerboard : 22 Medium fret Rosewood w/Abalone inlay
Bridge : Wilkinson ContempararyTrem
Pick-ups : (Front)Dean U.S.A Custom Shop Nostalgia, (Rear) Dean U.S.A Custom Shop Equalizer
Controls : 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3 way toggle
Hardware Colour : Stainless steel w/Chrome
Colour : Transparent Amber Gold