E.S.P Kamikaze-2 $2500.00 - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

The story goes that when George Lynch was on tour in Japan with Dokken in the early days he went looking for a replacement neck. Knowing that E.S.P (from the Kramer days) were a company creating high quality, customised electronics and body parts. George stepped into a shop in Tokyo and walked out with a new sponsor and the blue-prints for the FAMOUS Kamikaze series. A guitar that is built for one purpose and one purpose only “ROCKIN” the Kamikaze series is one of the most recognizable guitars in the world, and one solid guitar weighing in at nearly 5kgs!!The Kamikaze uses some heavy woods and the perfect balance of pick-ups, creating only one sound and feel “LYNCH”. Import Strings have an 04 Kamikaze-2 from the original set of four Kamikaze’s in Camo-Blue, that is rarely seen these days in new condition and yes it sounds AWESOME!!!

Body : Hard Maple
Neck : 1 pc Hard Maple
Fingerboard : 22 fret, Ebony
Bridge : Floyd Rose Original
Pick-ups : (front)Seymour Duncan SSL-1, (Rear)Seymour Duncan TB-12(Sreamin Demon)
Controls : Master Volume w/E.S.P Custom Shop designed push -push
Hardware colour : Black
Colour : Camo Blue Graphics

Additional note : There is a small lacquer ding on the bottom left on the back of the body, and a few scratches on the back plate (which will be replaced upon purchase)otherwise new condition.

Ibanez JS1000 BTB $2200.00 - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

Another superb guitar from the amazing “Professor Satchafunkilus” is the JS1000. The JS1000 has a PAF PRO in the neck position opposed to the PAF JOE in the JS1200. The Burnt Transparent Blue was discontinued in 2005 and was released for the Japanese market only making it a hot collector’s item for any Satch fans. For anyone who hasn’t played one of these, playability and sounds are out of this world, leaving it up to the players imagination what infinite sounds and styles can be created. This is a 03 model in “MINT” condition quite a rarity to find these days!

Body : Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple, Multi-radius
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone dot inlay
Bridge : Edge Pro
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio PAF PRO, (Rear)Di Marzio FRED
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone w/High-pass Filter and coil tap
Hardware colour : Cosmo Black,
Colour : Burnt Transparent Blue.

Ibanez JS1200 CA - SOLD!

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New condition

What can you say about a man that’s accomplished so much, a true guitar virtuoso. Joe or “Saint Joe” as he’s known to the masses has influenced so MANY from the many guitarist he’s taught (Vai,Hammet, Skolnik, Holt) etc…to the millions world wide, reinventing the way we listen to the guitar. From a string of highly successful albums, countless tours, hired gun and guest guitarist for Mick Jagger, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper etc..etc.. 14 Grammy nominations and it goes on and on, the man knows no boundaries….and neither does the axe he plays. Joe worked closely with Ibanez to produce the perfect guitar for his playing style, Joe wanted a modern sound, vintage feel, smaller frets and more radius on the neck. It had to be subtle yet fast and easy to play. We got the JS1000/JS1200. The JS1000/JS1200 has a multi-radius neck, an exact digital copy of the neck on Joes favourite guitar. The Aerofoil Basswood body is lightweight providing comfort, upper fret access and great tones. The high-pass filter maintains all those highs at low volume, the coil tap, Di Marzios, with the Basswood combine for an even wider range of tones. This truly is a superb well thought out instrument that suites almost most styles, but unleashed and in the right hands has the speed of a Ferrari and the grunt of a V8. Awesome to play!!!!!

Body : Basswood,
Neck : 1pc Maple, prestige, multi-radius
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone dot inlay
Bridge : Edge Pro
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio PAF JOE, (Rear)Di Marzio FRED
Controls : 1 Volume,1 Tone w/High-Pass Filter and coil tap
Hardware colour : Chrome
Colour : Candy Apple Red

Ibanez Jem77BRMR - SOLD!

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New condition

Importstrings have another Jem up for grabs and no need to go on about who plays this! This is a discontinued Jem77BRMR produced from 2005~2006 dubbed the “BAD HORSIE”. The playability is what you would expect (watching what Mr. Vai does with it). This has one smooth Sound, unlike the Jem7V the Jem77BRMR comes with Di Marzio’s Breed pick-ups and personally sounds a bit more heavier, more grunt in the bottom end. As for the appearance, want to get noticed? No problems they will see you coming a mile off.

This particular Jem is very rare has ONLY been played for about 20 minutes in total since purchased. How do we know? This is one of Importstrings overseas staff, off loading one of his many Jem’s. This bad axe had been purchased as part of a collection, as the pics shown still have the plastic on the scratch plate. There is not one blemish or even a smear on this guitar, it’s in very rare new condition and at this price is a bonafide steal!!!

Body : Basswood
Neck : 5 pc Maple /Walnut, Prestige, Jem
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/pearl dot inlay
Bridge : Edge-Pro
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio Breed, (Middle)Di Marzio Breed, (Rear)Di Marzio Breed
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone
Hardware : Chrome
Colour : Mirror pick guard with mirror body and binding

E.S.P George Lynch Sig.”SERPENT” Custom Shop (Signed) - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

We all know the guitar and we all know the man behind it, but for those who don’t. George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) has been endorsing E.S.P now for just on two decades and when you pick this axe up you’ll know why. Very versatile sound, considering the simplicity of the controls. The TB-12 is excellent for heavy riffing and has aggressive pinch harmonics that just cut through you. The tone is pure E.S.P and pure Lynch. The E.S.P Power rail keeps the TB-12 under control giving a clean warm sound, it’s like Jekyll and Hyde giving a unique balance for George’s SCAREY style.

On the back of the head the big man himself has signed it. This is a real head turner, screaming to be unleashed.

Body : Alder Maple top
Neck : Hard Maple Lynch sig.
Fingerboard : Rosewood 22 frets
Bridge : Schaller Floyd Rose Pat.
Pickups ; (Front) E.S.P Custom Lab Power Rails (Rear) Seymour Duncan TB-12 Screamin’ Demon
Controls : Master Volume, w/Push-Pull pickup selector switch
Hardware colour : Nickel Black.