Kramer LK 1RBF - SOLD!!

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Minor Ware, players conditions, light scratches

Kramer were one of the most innovative guitar designers of the eighties. With a collaboration from a young Eddie Van Halen and a new fangled thing called a “Floyd Rose”came the famous Pacer and Barretta models. Hitting their peak in 1985-86 with record sales, just about every major artist had a Kramer in their collection. But by early 1990 due to over zealous ventures and poor foresights, Kramer was forced into bankruptcy. E.S.P Japan who had been producing the majority of stock for Kramer since 1985 were licensed to carry on. Sambora, Nightswans, Bluesbreakers the Baretta and Pacer(Focus 1000-2000)EK and LK series etc..were all produced to the same quality, while the cheaper Striker and 100 series were built in Korea. In 1995 the last Kramer was made and an end to an era. With the re-emergence lately of Kramer(Gibson), the interest in vintage Kramer is steadily rising, bumping up prices and making some models very scarce. (the race is on!)

At Importstrings we are dedicated vintage 80’s freaks and have a Kramer LK series 1BRF from 1989! in near mint condition. With E.S.P designed pick ups and Seymour Duncans Quater Pound on board, the LK just rocks! We hope these guitars really make a come back, like they are overseas.

Body : Poplar
Neck : 1pc Maple
Fingerboard : Rosewood 22 Fret medium scale
Bridge : Floyd Rose licensed TRS-101
Pickups : (Rear) E.S.P,s KH-100,(Middle) E.S.P,s KS-80,(Front) Seymour Duncan Quater Pound Flat SSL-4,
Controls : 1 Volume, 5 way selector, Gain switch
Colour : Gun metal Grey

Additional Note : Vintage American and Japanese Kramers are just quality for dollar. Ever wondered where E.S.P got there Horizon, M-Series and Lynch designs from?

But, HEY if you don’t believe us check out an awesome site Vintage Kramer .com


Ibanez J Custom RG8570NT - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

The J Customs are undoubtedly the best quality that Ibanez make, at a fraction of the cost associated with other guitar brands. Delivering quality sound and using the highest grade woods. Assembled in their Fujigen factory the J Customs are not crafted on the assembly line but, on a much smaller scale. Production levels are low allowing experimentation of various designs. At most a few dozen of one particular model are made.

They sound as smooth as they look. This is truly a stunning example of Japanese master craft guitar building. The RG8570 is a rare discontinued model from 2004 and are in high demand. The AAAAA flame maple top and matching head are just beautiful having a natural holographic effect when shifted.

For their price one of the classiest instruments available.

Body : Honduras Mahogany,Body Top-AAAAA Flamed Maple,
Neck : Maple/Bubinga 5pc “Wizard Type” w/AAAAA Flamed Maple matching head,
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Flame Maple binding,Abalone dot inlay,
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge,
Pickups : (Front)Di Marzio Tone Zone, (Middle)Di Marzio Blue Velvert, (Rear)Di Marzio Air Norton
Controls : 1 Volume,1 Tone, 5 way pickup selector,
Hardware : Cosmo Black,
Colour : Natural,

Additional Note : Very Rare model discontinued in 2004.


Ibanez RG550MXXDY 20th Anniversary - SOLD!

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New condition

The guitar that literary rocked the world on release and on its much speculated 20th anniversary has been built to exactly every detail except the neck. The new Prestige neck is an improved 5pc Maple/Walnut with dual titanium strengthening rods on either side of the truss rod for structural stability, yet keeping that famous original wizard profile. For those who remember the 80’s you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s got that original 80’s rock sound and feel.

The 20th anniversary RG550 is in very high demand being that only 1987(year originally released) were ever made .This is a great piece of history reproduced and a solid investment. Let the 80’s return!

Body : Basswood,
Neck : Maple/Walnut 5pc Prestige,original 1987″Wizard” shape
Fingerboard : Maple,24 fret w/clay dots
Bridge : Original Edge Tremlo
Pickups : (Front)V1, (Middle)S1, (Rear)V2
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Cosmo Black
Colour : Desert Yellow

Additional note : Limited to 1987 guitars in all colours world wide divided between 3 models RG550MXXDY, RG550MXXRF(maple necks) and the RG550RXXBK(Rosewood neck).


E.S.P VP-SL7(VIPER) $2200.00 - SOLD!

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New condition

One guitar that seriously needs a leash. The VP-SL7(VIPER) is a monster of a guitar, in name and in sound. Packed with E.M.G.81-7’s gives it bright clean tones, yet PUNISHING grunt when put through a distortion effect. Perfect for the guitarist who needs to deliver power.

E.S.P are famous for their craftsmanship and quality woods, the Honduras mahogany body of the Viper has great depth and sustain. The thin-U type neck is smooth and comfortable and the Viper just feels very brutal and sturdy. If you need power think Viper, because this guitar won’t disappoint!

Body : Honduras Mahogany
Neck : Hard Maple 3pc Thin U
Fingerboard : Rosewood 24 fret w/white binding abalone dot inlay
Bridge : Tone-Pros TP7 & Tone-Pros TIZ,
Pickups : (Front) E.M.G 81-7 (Rear) E.M.G 81-7
Controls : 1 Volume 1 Tone Toggle pickup selector
Hardware Colour : Black Nickel
Colour : Half Matt Black.


E.S.P George Lynch Sig.”SERPENT” Custom Shop (Signed) - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

We all know the guitar and we all know the man behind it, but for those who don’t. George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) has been endorsing E.S.P now for just on two decades and when you pick this axe up you’ll know why. Very versatile sound, considering the simplicity of the controls. The TB-12 is excellent for heavy riffing and has aggressive pinch harmonics that just cut through you. The tone is pure E.S.P and pure Lynch. The E.S.P Power rail keeps the TB-12 under control giving a clean warm sound, it’s like Jekyll and Hyde giving a unique balance for George’s SCAREY style.

On the back of the head the big man himself has signed it. This is a real head turner, screaming to be unleashed.

Body : Alder Maple top
Neck : Hard Maple Lynch sig.
Fingerboard : Rosewood 22 frets
Bridge : Schaller Floyd Rose Pat.
Pickups ; (Front) E.S.P Custom Lab Power Rails (Rear) Seymour Duncan TB-12 Screamin’ Demon
Controls : Master Volume, w/Push-Pull pickup selector switch
Hardware colour : Nickel Black.


Ibanez RGA121HDR $1500.00 - SOLD!

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New condition

This is one hot rodded guitar, it has Di marzio’s D Activator and Air Norton installed with a Vitamin-Q capacitator. The D Activator in the bridge position is just huge sounding, enriched harmonic quality and designed to eliminate the sterile edginess commonly associated with active pickups. The Air Norton is a medium output pickup giving fat, warm sounds but not distorted, magnetic structure reduces string pull, so sustain is improved. The Vitamin Q installed gives you an amazingly array of tones and keeps those tones when the volume is lowered. In short this RGA has an arsenal of sounds, a light weight body,fast smooth neck,and a great appearance.

Killer guitar!

Ibanez RGA121HDR (Crushed Ruby)
Body : Mahogany
Neck : 5pc Maple/Walnut(prestige)
Fingerboard : 24 Jumbo fret ,Rosewood with pearl dot inlay
Bridge : Gibralter Plus
Pick Ups : (Front)Di marzio Air Norton,(Rear) Di marzio D.Activator
Controls : 1 volume ,1 tone with Vitamin-Q capacitator installed
Parts colour : Cosmo Black