Ibanez JS2000 $1900.00 - SOLD!

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New condition

Import Strings have a discontinued JS2000 in “MINT” condition. Identical to the pre.05 JS1000 in everyway except, the JS2000 has the Edge FX bridge, a unique fixed bridge with the added fine tuning and lock nuts keeping the guitar in tune for a lot longer than the norm. The Champagne Gold is alot more striking in person, like the JS1000 great sounds all-round, a real comfortable guitar to play. This JS2000 is a 02 model and as mentioned in “MINT” condition, a great collectors item for any Satch fans.

Body : Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple Multi-radius
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone dot inlay
Bridge : FX Edge (fixed)
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio PAF PRO, (Rear) Di Marzio FRED
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone w/High-pass Filter and coil tap
Hardware colour : Chrome
Colour : Champagne Gold

Washburn U.S.A Nuno Bettencourt N-5 Sig. (Signed) - SOLD!

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New condition

There aren’t many guitarists on this big blue marble of ours that come close to the versatility of Nuno Bettencourt. Always changing, forever inventing technical string skipping two hand tapping one minute, classical inspired chops the next, blues, jazz you name it he throws it all together and comes up with a unique style that’s unmistakably 100% Nuno. To keep up with his forever changing styles Nuno and Washburn created the N-series, the Nuno Bettencourt sig. model first released in 1990. Like the first N-series the new models (N-5,N-6) are a one of a kind guitars. One of the most outstanding features is the ultra smooth, fast, unfinished neck and the Stephen’s Extended Cutaway gives you more access than any guitar on the market (seriously King Kong’s hand could get access!), the body is light, the pick-ups are quality sounding, a very comfortable guitar and the Buzz Feiten Tuning System giving incredible intonation the whole of the fret board (Detailed info. from Buzz Feiten .com). Like all the U.S.A N-series they are hand built in the Washburn Custom Shop, The N-5 Importstrings have is also signed authenticated with pics of Nuno signing it! a rare opportunity for any Extreme or Nuno fans. So whether you want to smoke up the fret board or leisurely blues away this guitar will do both for you.

Additional Fact: Washburn are one of the oldest guitar companies in the U.S.A and have been hand crafting their guitars since 1883 and really do take pride in that, keeping to the tradition that quality woods and quality craftsmanship with hands on experience give you a quality instrument.

Body : Solid Alder
Neck : Birds Eye Maple
Fingerboard : 22 fret, Birds Eye Maple w/clay dots
Bridge : Schaller Floyd Rose
Pick-ups : (Front, Middle & Rear) Seymour Duncan SSL-1 x3
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware colour : Gold
Colour : Creme
Additional Features : Anodized aluminum pick guard, Buzz Feiten Tuning System, Stephen’s extended cutaway 5 bolt neck joint, Grover 18:1 gear ratio tuners.

E.S.P Kamikaze-2 $2500.00 - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

The story goes that when George Lynch was on tour in Japan with Dokken in the early days he went looking for a replacement neck. Knowing that E.S.P (from the Kramer days) were a company creating high quality, customised electronics and body parts. George stepped into a shop in Tokyo and walked out with a new sponsor and the blue-prints for the FAMOUS Kamikaze series. A guitar that is built for one purpose and one purpose only “ROCKIN” the Kamikaze series is one of the most recognizable guitars in the world, and one solid guitar weighing in at nearly 5kgs!!The Kamikaze uses some heavy woods and the perfect balance of pick-ups, creating only one sound and feel “LYNCH”. Import Strings have an 04 Kamikaze-2 from the original set of four Kamikaze’s in Camo-Blue, that is rarely seen these days in new condition and yes it sounds AWESOME!!!

Body : Hard Maple
Neck : 1 pc Hard Maple
Fingerboard : 22 fret, Ebony
Bridge : Floyd Rose Original
Pick-ups : (front)Seymour Duncan SSL-1, (Rear)Seymour Duncan TB-12(Sreamin Demon)
Controls : Master Volume w/E.S.P Custom Shop designed push -push
Hardware colour : Black
Colour : Camo Blue Graphics

Additional note : There is a small lacquer ding on the bottom left on the back of the body, and a few scratches on the back plate (which will be replaced upon purchase)otherwise new condition.

Ibanez JS1000 BTB $2200.00 - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

Another superb guitar from the amazing “Professor Satchafunkilus” is the JS1000. The JS1000 has a PAF PRO in the neck position opposed to the PAF JOE in the JS1200. The Burnt Transparent Blue was discontinued in 2005 and was released for the Japanese market only making it a hot collector’s item for any Satch fans. For anyone who hasn’t played one of these, playability and sounds are out of this world, leaving it up to the players imagination what infinite sounds and styles can be created. This is a 03 model in “MINT” condition quite a rarity to find these days!

Body : Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple, Multi-radius
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone dot inlay
Bridge : Edge Pro
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio PAF PRO, (Rear)Di Marzio FRED
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone w/High-pass Filter and coil tap
Hardware colour : Cosmo Black,
Colour : Burnt Transparent Blue.

Ibanez JS1200 CA - SOLD!

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New condition

What can you say about a man that’s accomplished so much, a true guitar virtuoso. Joe or “Saint Joe” as he’s known to the masses has influenced so MANY from the many guitarist he’s taught (Vai,Hammet, Skolnik, Holt) etc…to the millions world wide, reinventing the way we listen to the guitar. From a string of highly successful albums, countless tours, hired gun and guest guitarist for Mick Jagger, Deep Purple, Alice Cooper etc..etc.. 14 Grammy nominations and it goes on and on, the man knows no boundaries….and neither does the axe he plays. Joe worked closely with Ibanez to produce the perfect guitar for his playing style, Joe wanted a modern sound, vintage feel, smaller frets and more radius on the neck. It had to be subtle yet fast and easy to play. We got the JS1000/JS1200. The JS1000/JS1200 has a multi-radius neck, an exact digital copy of the neck on Joes favourite guitar. The Aerofoil Basswood body is lightweight providing comfort, upper fret access and great tones. The high-pass filter maintains all those highs at low volume, the coil tap, Di Marzios, with the Basswood combine for an even wider range of tones. This truly is a superb well thought out instrument that suites almost most styles, but unleashed and in the right hands has the speed of a Ferrari and the grunt of a V8. Awesome to play!!!!!

Body : Basswood,
Neck : 1pc Maple, prestige, multi-radius
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone dot inlay
Bridge : Edge Pro
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio PAF JOE, (Rear)Di Marzio FRED
Controls : 1 Volume,1 Tone w/High-Pass Filter and coil tap
Hardware colour : Chrome
Colour : Candy Apple Red