Ibanez J Custom RG8670 TB - $2500 - Sold!!

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Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny laquar chip

Coming soon Importstrings have another Jaw dropping J Custom!!, This RG8670 is the first catalogue J Custom to be produced, and personally have a more raunchier tone than the latest J Customs, unlike the latest j Custom RG8470 models,The 8670 came with an ebony fret board and Maple/Bubinga neck, were as the 8470 has a Maple/Walnut neck, Its the woods that give it that little bit more of an edge and one of my most favourite J Customs (This is the very sought after pre “06″ version neck), The RG8670 Importstrings have is in Fantastic condition and for a 6year old guitar has hardly been played, it still has 85%+ frets and few laquor ONLY dings (all 1mm in size) yes they are almost unoticeable and for the fussy, could quite easily be touched up!!, Some very, very light pick-scuff/scratchers, but in Absoloutely fantastic playing condition!!, The RG8670 is getting harder to find these days and in this condition a real recommendation to anybody who loves quality sound and looks!!,

Note: Also comes with ALL the gadgets and a bonus original Ibanez strap with J Custom lock pins, And all CERTS

Body:Flame Maple top & binding w/Mahogany back
Neck:5pc. Maple/Bubinga,Super Wizard,Flame Maple matching head
Fingerboard:Ebony w/Flame Maple binding,JC Tree of life(pre 06 Ver.)and Custom Jumbo frets
Bridge:Edge Pro
Pick-ups(Front)Di Marzio Air Norton(Middle)Di Marzio Blue Velvet(Rear)Di Marzio Tone Zone
Controls:1 Volume,1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour:Chrome
Colour:Transparent Blue (TB)

Ibanez Prestige RG2610e - $1500 - Sold!

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New condition

Importstrings have new/mint unplayed 2610e, Sometimes the 2610 is also advertised as a 2610e om (over seas models),An out of the norm design for Ibanez, these guitars were made in japan and intended for the overseas market, targeting the U.S.A market in general, The 2610 was distrubuted in Japan in limited numbers. The 2610 is designed with the early 80’s rock/metal U.S.A muscle guitars in mind, like there muscle cars simple to operate , Slick design and brute power. If you are into rock/metal and want alot of power this guitar will not dissapoint!!!!!!!!, It has everything essential for metal, State of the art tremlo system, Slim, fast shredding neck and a Seymour Duncan full shred humbucker for melting those ears.

CAUITION : Try not to upset your neighbours at EXTREME volumes!!!!!

Neck:5 pc Wizard Maple/Walnut
Bridge:Edge Pro
Pick-ups:Seymour Duncan Full Shred
Hardware Colour:Cosmo Black
Colour:Bk (Black)