Charvel Model-6 (Orange Crackle) - $1400 - Sold!!

Filed Under (Charvel, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 16-07-2010

Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny lacquer chip

This is it!!!, It doesn’t come any better than this if your a Model/Toothpaste Series fan!!. A Model-6 in the absolutely stunning “Orange Crackle” graphics. To MANY Charvel fans this is the best Charvel EVER produced, vintage or modern. There has never been anything like this ever made again. Quality for $$$ this outstrips just about everything in its class (Seriously) and the amazing sustain and warmth of the tones, blows ALOT away, even todays guitars!!

As for the condition? Apart from my own exact model in mint, new condition, this is the cleanest one I have EVER seen. The previous owner really looked after it. There are 2x very minor flaws on this guitar, which is a laquar only chip (Not paint) on the tip of the head and really fine scratches on and at one side of the back plate. (This is really common on any used guitar)
There is VERY, VERY little ware and the frets are almost new 95%+. Overall without those 2x very minor flaws you could say,”Mint”. (It still has the plastic on the truss rod cover). Also its quite rare these days to see these older guitars come with an original manual/paperwork.
This particular Model-6 is quite interesting. Most Model-6 come with a JT6/Matching lock mount and nuts, this one is a mixed match, having a JT6 trem/Kahler U.S.A locking mount. This is not uncommon when the 1986 Models phased out their Kahler parts for the newer Jackson original parts, some guitars had mixed parts, even to the extent of having a different coloured neck or a reverse head. To the experienced Charvel fan, you will notice it has a matching colour logo, alot of the crackles come with the normal white logo.

This Model-6 is the very last batch to be made, it starts with a C9(1989)serial no. The Model Series were made from 86-88, by OUR calender but, the Japanese production calender is actually mid 86-mid 89. They release most of their new stuff for Summer or just after April.
Well this is getting way to long AGAIN!, I’ll just add, that if you missed out on one of these in the 80’s heres your chance. The Model-6 is a top quality for $$$ guitar and is on par if not better than todays brands (Charvel/Jackson) included! This is a REAL METAL CLASSIC!!!!

Body : Poplar
Neck : Quater sawn Rock Maple Thru-neck
Fingerboard : Rosewood
Bridge : Jackson JT6 locking system
Pick-ups : (Front & Middle) J200 Dual coil, Bi level humbucking (Designed for use with active cicuitry), (Rear)J50BC Accentuated High Frequency Bridge position humbucking (Designed for use with active circuitry)
Controls : 1 Volume,1 Tone, Jackson low impendence JE-1200 Electronics with mid-boost, 3-way mini toggles
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Orange Crackle graphics
Note:The model 4-6 run on a 9v battery its active circuitry and the battery is located in the back under the lower back plate.