Charvel Model-1 - $600- SOLD!!

Filed Under (Charvel, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 11-03-2011

An all original Model-1! Believe it or not, these models are geting quite scarce as the years go by. There is a couple of reasons why, One being that there very robust guitars with that BIG Model series sound and sadly this model suffers the most, as players want that neck.

In alot of cases this model is purchased for its neck alone. It takes very little time and $$ to fit a lock nut to the neck and they slip straight onto a Model 3 or 4.
Many Charvel Model series collectors would love to get a Model-4M (Maple neck) but, they are VERY hard to get hold of and this is an easy alternative.

The Model-1 is in great playing/appearance. Big J90c sound, frets are at 70%, a couple of VERY SMALL laquer ONLY dings, the predictable pick scratching and some light scratching to the back (The average players ware). Overall condition is very good for a now 24yrs old guitar. Abit of a buff for the fussy would bring it back to almost mint. These are awesome, sturdy little rockers with with a huge sound to boot.

Body : Solid Basswood
Neck : 1p Maple
Fingerboard : 22 Jumbo fret,Maple w/clay dot inlay
Bridge : Traditional 3-spring fulcrum tremolo
Pick-ups : 1 J-90c Ultra-High output humbucker
Controls : 1 Volume
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Vintage Ivory