(Gibson Japan) Epiphone Zakk Wylde Sig. Les Paul “PeeWee” Bullseye & Flying “VeeWee”Bullseye-$400each, ALL SOLD

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For the ultimate Zakk fan and that little Jr. Zakk, The Les Paul “PeeWee” & Flying “VeeWee” Bullseye. These are half the size of the big mans Sig guitars and are easy to take/play anywhere and anytime. Loads of fun, if you have an up and coming PeeWee metalhead? even better!! (Gotta keep the flag flying). They are 100% working/playing guitars with real woods and come with the FULL Zakk package (Of course everything is miniture). Its soooo cool.

We currently have 2x Les paul “PeeWee” Bullseye & 2x Flying “VeeWee” Bullseye sets. Each set contains, 1 half size miniture of Zakks Sig guitar, The Zakk Wylde Marshall MS-4ZW mini-stack, Sig strap, 3x Sig picks, cables, wrenchs and a special snug fit Zakk Sig softcase that fits everything in it. All complete and ready to rock on! (9v battery needed for the mini-stack only).

I was told (By a Gibson rep) that they were ordered by Gibson Japan for their domestic market only (At present) and we believe these are the only ones in Australia. These are limited edition sets so… once there gone, there gone and Zakks stuff goes very quick, how many more we might be able to secure is anybodys guess. If anyones interested in ordering more? tell us quick!!! these are selling before they hit the shelves in Japan!!
If you’ve got the real size Zakk Sig Gibson or Epiphone at home? wait till you see this sitting next to it, you wont stop grinning!!!

Body : Mahogany
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : Rosewood with dot inlay
Bridge : Mini-Tune-o-Matic
Pick-ups : 1x Epiphone Humbucker
Controls : 1 Volume
Hardware Colour : Chrome
Colour : Aged bullseye
Note : Both PeeWee & VeeWee have same specs.

Ibanez JPM100-P4 (John Petrucci Sig.) - $2400 - Sold!!

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Importstrings have another JPM100. This is the JPM100-P4 Picasso Graphics, the last model in the series of 4 to be released. The JPM100 series were produced from 1995~2000, the JPM100-P4 being released in 1998. As far as Ibanez signature collectables go, the JPM series rank HIGH! This series is one of the most sought after, especially the JPM100-P1A (Multi-coloured pick-ups), JPM100-P3 and JPM90HAM. Expect to pay big for those P3 and 90HAM models. These guitars also sound AWESOME, powerful, bright, smooth and for just 3 pick-up selections very versatile.

The only gripe I have with the P4 is the semi-matt finish, like all matt finished guitars they tend to mark easy. The P4 Importstrings have is in really good players condition. The top, sides, neck, head etc.. are in exellent condition, the only marks are a few VERY small, laquar ONLY chips to the back edge all about 1mm in size and abit of buckle rash next to the back plate. Thats it!! Other than that, in excellent playing/appearance and a very nice collectable. The P4 we have also comes with ALL the original papers, hang tags, hard case etc..

Note:Due to the present earthquake damage in Japan we are experiencing a few expected postage problems.

Body : Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple JPM type
Fingerboard : Dunlop 6100 Jumbo frets, Rosewood w/off set-dot and white binding,
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio Air Norton, (Rear) Di Marzio Steves Special
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way toggle selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Picasso P4 Graphics