Ibanez WRB3 CA (Reb Beach Sig.) Signed - $1800 - Sold!!

Filed Under (Ibanez, x- SOLD -x) by Importstrings on 18-07-2011

This MEGA-RARE Sig. belongs to the melodic, two hand tapping, shredding machine Reb Beach. If you don’t know him? you should!! This guy is one of the classiest players on the planet. When the 80’s Hair Metal band Winger fell apart in the early 90’s Reb Beach was unleashed. The list of musicians he has recorded/toured with would fill this page. Between solo projects he has recorded/toured with the likes of Alice Cooper, Andy Timmons, Dokken, Night Ranger, Whitesnake etc… and now splits most of his time with a reformed Winger and Whitesnake. You might want to check Reb out on Youtube he is amazing to watch.

Anyway back to the WRBM3. This was released in 1990 ONLY along with the WRBM3 GRP graphic model (Wingers album cover). They were released in VERY LIMITED numbers and most signed by Reb. These guitars are almost never seen anymore and are way rarer than Reb’s other sig. model the Voyager. Like the Voyager the WRBM3 is a very unique Reb Beach design and whats even more unique is the specially designed soft case. The case was designed just for this model and the cool part is, the case strap is your guitar strap as well. The strap works just like the Di Marzio clip-lock strap, just clip on clip off, one strap two purposes. This case is no flimsy soft case either its tough and sturdy. This guitar sounds very smooth, Mahogany bodies and E.M.G’s are a match made in heaven, crunch, clarity and warmth. Reb’s sig. neck is also very comfortable to grip, not to thick not to thin and the Jim Dunlop #6130 frets feel great, very similar to a Steve Vai neck.

The condition of this monster is very good. There is some light scratching around the Ibanez logo on the head and some scratching to the signed back plate, other than that its in very good players condition. Its VERY HARD to find guitars with weird shapes with no dings or heavy scratching. The frets are about 75% still, almost no ware to the hardware, its very clean for its age. It looks great and sounds awesome!! If your a collector of rare Ibanez guitars you wont want to miss out on this. For the Reb Beach fan who cant get hold of a WRBM3 and cant afford the 5k for his Suhr sig. model this is a great oppotunity.

Body : Mahogany
Neck : 1pc Maple RBM Sig.
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/dot inlay and Jim Dunlop #6130 frets
Bridge : Edge Tremolo
Pick-ups : (Front) E.M.G SA, (Middle) E.M.G SA, (Rear) E.M.G 85
Controls : 1 Volume with 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Candy Apple Red