E.S.P George Lynch Sig.”SERPENT” Custom Shop (Signed) - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

We all know the guitar and we all know the man behind it, but for those who don’t. George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) has been endorsing E.S.P now for just on two decades and when you pick this axe up you’ll know why. Very versatile sound, considering the simplicity of the controls. The TB-12 is excellent for heavy riffing and has aggressive pinch harmonics that just cut through you. The tone is pure E.S.P and pure Lynch. The E.S.P Power rail keeps the TB-12 under control giving a clean warm sound, it’s like Jekyll and Hyde giving a unique balance for George’s SCAREY style.

On the back of the head the big man himself has signed it. This is a real head turner, screaming to be unleashed.

Body : Alder Maple top
Neck : Hard Maple Lynch sig.
Fingerboard : Rosewood 22 frets
Bridge : Schaller Floyd Rose Pat.
Pickups ; (Front) E.S.P Custom Lab Power Rails (Rear) Seymour Duncan TB-12 Screamin’ Demon
Controls : Master Volume, w/Push-Pull pickup selector switch
Hardware colour : Nickel Black.



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