Ibanez J Custom RG8570NT - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

The J Customs are undoubtedly the best quality that Ibanez make, at a fraction of the cost associated with other guitar brands. Delivering quality sound and using the highest grade woods. Assembled in their Fujigen factory the J Customs are not crafted on the assembly line but, on a much smaller scale. Production levels are low allowing experimentation of various designs. At most a few dozen of one particular model are made.

They sound as smooth as they look. This is truly a stunning example of Japanese master craft guitar building. The RG8570 is a rare discontinued model from 2004 and are in high demand. The AAAAA flame maple top and matching head are just beautiful having a natural holographic effect when shifted.

For their price one of the classiest instruments available.

Body : Honduras Mahogany,Body Top-AAAAA Flamed Maple,
Neck : Maple/Bubinga 5pc “Wizard Type” w/AAAAA Flamed Maple matching head,
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Flame Maple binding,Abalone dot inlay,
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge,
Pickups : (Front)Di Marzio Tone Zone, (Middle)Di Marzio Blue Velvert, (Rear)Di Marzio Air Norton
Controls : 1 Volume,1 Tone, 5 way pickup selector,
Hardware : Cosmo Black,
Colour : Natural,

Additional Note : Very Rare model discontinued in 2004.



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