Kramer LK 1RBF - SOLD!!

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Minor Ware, players conditions, light scratches

Kramer were one of the most innovative guitar designers of the eighties. With a collaboration from a young Eddie Van Halen and a new fangled thing called a “Floyd Rose”came the famous Pacer and Barretta models. Hitting their peak in 1985-86 with record sales, just about every major artist had a Kramer in their collection. But by early 1990 due to over zealous ventures and poor foresights, Kramer was forced into bankruptcy. E.S.P Japan who had been producing the majority of stock for Kramer since 1985 were licensed to carry on. Sambora, Nightswans, Bluesbreakers the Baretta and Pacer(Focus 1000-2000)EK and LK series etc..were all produced to the same quality, while the cheaper Striker and 100 series were built in Korea. In 1995 the last Kramer was made and an end to an era. With the re-emergence lately of Kramer(Gibson), the interest in vintage Kramer is steadily rising, bumping up prices and making some models very scarce. (the race is on!)

At Importstrings we are dedicated vintage 80’s freaks and have a Kramer LK series 1BRF from 1989! in near mint condition. With E.S.P designed pick ups and Seymour Duncans Quater Pound on board, the LK just rocks! We hope these guitars really make a come back, like they are overseas.

Body : Poplar
Neck : 1pc Maple
Fingerboard : Rosewood 22 Fret medium scale
Bridge : Floyd Rose licensed TRS-101
Pickups : (Rear) E.S.P,s KH-100,(Middle) E.S.P,s KS-80,(Front) Seymour Duncan Quater Pound Flat SSL-4,
Controls : 1 Volume, 5 way selector, Gain switch
Colour : Gun metal Grey

Additional Note : Vintage American and Japanese Kramers are just quality for dollar. Ever wondered where E.S.P got there Horizon, M-Series and Lynch designs from?

But, HEY if you don’t believe us check out an awesome site Vintage Kramer .com



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