Ibanez Jem77BRMR - SOLD!

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New condition

Importstrings have another Jem up for grabs and no need to go on about who plays this! This is a discontinued Jem77BRMR produced from 2005~2006 dubbed the “BAD HORSIE”. The playability is what you would expect (watching what Mr. Vai does with it). This has one smooth Sound, unlike the Jem7V the Jem77BRMR comes with Di Marzio’s Breed pick-ups and personally sounds a bit more heavier, more grunt in the bottom end. As for the appearance, want to get noticed? No problems they will see you coming a mile off.

This particular Jem is very rare has ONLY been played for about 20 minutes in total since purchased. How do we know? This is one of Importstrings overseas staff, off loading one of his many Jem’s. This bad axe had been purchased as part of a collection, as the pics shown still have the plastic on the scratch plate. There is not one blemish or even a smear on this guitar, it’s in very rare new condition and at this price is a bonafide steal!!!

Body : Basswood
Neck : 5 pc Maple /Walnut, Prestige, Jem
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/pearl dot inlay
Bridge : Edge-Pro
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio Breed, (Middle)Di Marzio Breed, (Rear)Di Marzio Breed
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone
Hardware : Chrome
Colour : Mirror pick guard with mirror body and binding


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