Charvel Model-6 $1300.00 - SOLD!

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Fantastic quality

In 1986 Grover Jackson decided to move a lot of production to Japan, Grover himself spent countless months and many trips making sure the quality was first grade. What came out of the Chushin Gakki factory were the famous “Model Series” produced from 1986-88 followed by the “Toothpaste Series”(called this because of the more modern logo). The model and toothpaste series were built to very high standards, in particular the model 4 through to model 6 are considered to be the finest instruments ever produced by Charvel. This laid down the blue-prints for the more famous Jackson soloist. The model 5 and 6 were neck through designed, active circuitry, the famous concord head, with a double expanding neck rod giving faster accurate neck adjustments. The model 4-6 are still today very sought after, and when plugged in you will definitely know why, they really do pack a punch giving today’s more advanced up market brands a run for their money. These are amazing guitars from an amazing era. In 1989 Grover sold the company to AMIC and the brand fell from favour in the mid 90’s due to changes in music fashion and a drop in quality. Today Charvel is owned by Fender and in the past few years have seen the re-emergence of the late, great ,hot-rodded “San Dimas” models. Today’s Japanese models are also top class.

Additional Fact : The model series are also known for their Fort Worth Texas neck plate, this was the address of AMIC at the time.(They were NOT made in the U.S.A). The U.S.A models had
San Dimas California, and later on, Ontario California on their neck plates. In no way are the Charvel’s produced from 86-91 in any way inferior products to the U.S.A models!!!

Body : Poplar
Neck : Rock Maple through neck
Fingerboard : Quater-sawn Rosewood
Bridge : Jackson locking system
Pickups : (Front & Middle)J200 Dual coil, Bi level humbucking. Designed for use with active circuitry. (Rear)J50BC Accentuated High Frequency bridge position humbucking for use with active circuitry
Controls : 1 Volume,1 Tone, Jackson Low impendence JE-1200 Electronics with mid-boost, Three way mini- toggles
Hardware : Black
Colour : Pearl White(aged)


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