Jackson U.S.A Select Series KE-2 $2600.00 - Sold!!

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New condition

The famous Jackson “Kelly” a radical, sharp, modernized Explorer first created in the early 80’s by the team at Jackson and sadly an almost unknown guitarist Bradford “Brad” Kelly(R.I.P) from the Australian Metal band Heaven who was set to be our biggest export next to AC/DC, but fate reared its ugly head and after many line-up changes and what many thought was a more radio friendly direction with Dylan’s “Knockin on heavens door” slowly disintegrated. Brad Kelly lost his battle with a long illness in 2004 but the killer shape he created will live on forever!! The very distinctive shape and the through-neck of the KE-2 gives it a tone and sustain like no other Jackson. The neck is placed further out than the norm, making it easy to play at the high end. The neck shape is one of the thinnest Jackson make. Packed with Seymour Duncans SH2N and TB4 this is a killer guitar with a shit load of punch and shreds, making it the perfect weapon for any Metal guitarist. The KE-2 Importstrings have is an 08 model in “MINT” condition set-up and ready to take heads!!!!

Body : Alder w/flame maple top
Neck : Neck-Thru Quater sawn maple
Fingerboard : 24 Jumbo fret, Ebony w/mother of pearl shark fin inlays, white binding
Bridge : Floyd Rose Original
Pick-ups : (Front)Seymour Duncan SH2N, (Rear)Seymour DuncanJB TB4
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way selector
Hardware Colour : Chrome
Colour : Transparent Black


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