Caparison Angelus22 Vintage Sunburst $2500.00 - SOLD!

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New condition

For a start Caparison are relatively new on the scene as far as guitar companies go, they opened doors in 1995 and the first production models came out in 1996.They have some innovative ideas and a guitar designer who has been around the block a few times. Itaru Kanno is a very experienced guitar designer, he was involved with Jackson in the early days when Grover Jackson opened up shop in Japan. Now we all know those very high quality Jackson Pro. models that cut deep into the American market(but that’s another story) Itaru Kanno was also responsible for quite a few Jackson designs, the Grover Jackson Doug Aldrich and Phil Collens models included. When the contract between Jackson and Kyowa-Shokai expired in 1993(yet another fascinating story)Kyowa-Shokai and Itaru Kanno extended their partnership to bring about Caparison. At present Caparison are starting to turn alot of heads worldwide and are gaining a steady flow of endorsees, the likes of Dennis Stratton, Stevie Salas, Juan Croucier and bands like Killswitch Engage, Symphony X and Arch Enemy.

Production is on a small scale estimated to be between 30~50 guitars a month, the craftmanship is on par with the BEST and are very high quality for dollar guitars. Apart from their more known designs Horus, TAT’s and Dellingers there’s the Angelus series, a more traditional looking ROCKER. Now I know what your thinking, Ahhh another Les Paul type thing? Well this ones got an ace up its sleeve! When the 3 way selector is in the middle position, it engages the 4 way rotary switch, splitting and combining the pick-ups for an amazing array of sounds, not found to this extent in any popular brand we know of.(more info. from Caparison). This is where Caparison and the innovative Itaru Kanno differ from the rest. With such an array of sounds the Angelus22 stretches all but few music styles, Rock, Blues, Jazz we had no problems getting these sounds and with more experimentation even more. The Angelus22 has a very grown up, comfortable, sturdy feeling, the Caparison BH3-n and BH3-b pickups with the Mahogany have a warm, rich sound and this has looooonng sustain. The Angelus is in “MINT” condition, setup and ready to go!!! We will definitely be getting more Caparisons in the future!!!

Body : Mahogany w/Flame Maple Arched Top
Neck : Mahogany set neck
Fingerboard : 22 Medium fret Rosewood w/mini oval Abalone & Mother of pearl inlay
Bridge : Gotoh GE103 B-T, Gotoh GE101 Z-T Tailpiece
Pick-ups : (Front)Caparison BH-3n, (Rear)CaparisonBH3-b
Controls : 2 Volume, 1 Master Tone, 3 way selector, 4 way rotary switch
Hardware Colour : Nickel/Chrome
Colour : Vintage Sunburst


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