Kramer JK-1000BGL - $1450.00 - SOLD!

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Minor ware, good playing condition, scratches, chips

A very rare Kramer is this all 100% original 1987 JK-1000BGL, based on the Barretta made famous by Eddie Van Halen. The Jk-1000 is basically a Barretta, fact is from 1985 onwards E.S.P were making most of the bodies and necks, then shipped to the U.S.A to be assembled (these would later be known as the “American Series”, due to the extra logo “American” next to Kramer on the head). The electrics were different though, the U.S.A models had Seymour Duncans were as the JK-1000 came with E.S.P’s original KP-100c based on the P.A.F design, the new Floyd Rose FRT-5 based on the original but, only sleeker and lighter was considered the best double locking system of its time and used on both models. This model is particularly interesting. Was it made in anticipation that George Lynch was about to endorse Kramer? George did have an arsenal of Kramer’s in his collection and did meet with Kramer but, decided to go with E.S.P for a better deal.

Anyway back to the JK-1000 as mentioned very rare and a great collectable for any vintage Kramer fan. What I know from sketchy Kramer (Japan) archives is approx.150~170 were made going by the serial no. and only came out once it can also be seen in the 1987 Kramer(Japan) catalogue. Over the past 17yrs or so I have seen a few butchered, broken and incomplete ones for sale so there can’t be many left out there. In their day this was a “real quality” guitar with, that really cool gritty 80’s sound and retailed $200AUD less than a JEM 77(That’s some hefty price tag in 1987!!) It also comes with an extra large “banana head” for this model only! The JK-1000 Importstrings have is in “players condition” scuff marks, a ding here and there but, still the neck is as straight as an arrow, the electrics have grunt and is in awesome playing condition!! Professionally setup but remember it is over 20yrs old.

A piece of Metal history.

Body : Alder
Neck : 1 pc Maple
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone dot inlay
Bridge : Floyd Rose
Pick-ups : E.S.P Original KP100c
Controls : 1 Volume
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Tiger Graphics


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