Kramer B-7(Pacer) - $1300.00 - SOLD!

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Near new playing condition, scuff/tiny lacquer chip

A classic example of quality for $$ is this all original B-7, part of the Kramer Glide series from 1989. The Glide series was an improved/upgraded JK-2000 based on the original early 80’s “Pacer”. From 1989 would come with Pacer on the truss rod cover, E.S.P original Full Shaker based on Seymour Duncans Full Shred SH-10, KS-80 and Power Sleeper based again on Duncan’s Hot Rail. The E.S.P originals are VERY high quality and personally are on par with any other top quality maker. (for those who didn’t know E.S.P started off as an electronics company so they know what their doing) and the Full Shaker humbucker has a coil tap switch giving it a bit more gain.

The “Stagemaster” with its neck-thru design is the only model that would come out on top after this model, the Glide series are very impressive guitars and fetched a pretty high price tag in their day. The B-7 sounds like it was built for one purpose only, SHREDDIN! seriously this guitar has an almighty range with a humbucker to kick you in the teeth. Its plays like a demon possessed and in fantastic condition, apart from a lacquer ding at the bottom near the strap pin. These were only produced for one year so there aren’t that many of them, if your a collector of 80’s vintage guitars or a Kramer freak you’ll definitely love this.

Body : Alder
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : 24 fret Ebony w/Diamond inly
Bridge : Floyd Rose Original
Pick-ups : (Front)E.S.P Power Sleeper, (Middle)KS-80, (Rear)E.S.P Full Shaker
Controls : 1 Volume w/coil tap, Direct on/off,5-way selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Black


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