Ibanez J Custom RG8127F VV - SOLD!

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Near new playing condition, scuff/tiny lacquer chip

This 2005 model is like the “Artillery” of the J Customs, heavy as hell but, very, very smooth, that extra string is punishing. Like all the J Customs exceptional woods and electronics all the way and stunning, you just cant help grinning when you open the case. Why 7 strings are not as popular is beyond me, if your playing in regular open E tuning just forget about the top string, if you need to tune down don’t worry its already there and scales become really interesting too. Loads of fun to play and no need for two guitars! EASY!! If your into METAL than a 7 is pretty handy to have around. Another point with the J Customs 7’s is that they are not made every year so if you missed out on buying one…..UMMM a bit of bad luck and happy hunting. If you have missed out or a after a particular J Custom drop us an e-mail, we have been collectors and sellers of these fine instruments since 1996 (When the first models came out)!

Body : AAA Flame Maple top and binding w/Mahogany back
Neck : 5pc Maple/Wenge J-Custom neck w/Ebony head stock
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone small dot and Custom-jumbo frets
Bridge : Edge-Pro 7
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio Air Norton 7, (Rear)Di Marzio Tone Zone 7
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Cosmo Black
Colour : Vintage Violin


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