Ibanez J Custom RG1680X DRD - $2200.00 - SOLD!

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Near new playing condition, scuff/tiny lacquer chip

Now this is one of the most interesting J Customs to get your hands on, and one of the most versatile sounding guitars around. The RG1680X is a very sought after model and RARE, only produced once in 2001(only a few dozen made) although I have seen a shop original, from the same period in a different colour. Without trying to complicate things, basically you can go from the magnetic roar of the Di Marzio’s and at a flick of the switch turn into an electric/Acoustic. Under the saddles of the “Double Edge Lo-Pro” are sensors connected to the Piezo set-up, this is a pick-up that works in the same principle as an Electric/Acoustic, drawing the string vibration through the bridge (Only this bridge is full floating FUN!) It also has two output jacks enabling you to either run it as a regular guitar using the Di Marzios & Piezo or, splitting the two signals (Eg.Piezo to effect board or P.A) and also runs great if your amp has two channels (Clean & Gain).

The Piezo is “Brilliant” it really does come close to an electric/acoustic and way clearer than trying to simulate through magnetic pick-ups and the Di Marzio’s are all there so ROCKIN is still no problem! The Piezo runs off a 9v battery at the back so, if your live DON’T forget to change it or you’ll end up looking like Satan in his underpants. If your in the studio with access to gear, let the mind go crazy, with this guitar the sounds you can create are endless. I love it ,could go on about this guitar all day! But won’t.

Body : AAA Flame Maple top and binding w/Mahogany back
Neck : 3pc Maple&Bubinga J-Custom Neck
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone off-set dots and Custom Jumbo frets
Bridge : Double Edge(Lo-Pro w/Piezo)
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio PAF Pro, (Middle)Di Marzio Blue Velvet, (Rear)Di Marzio Steves Special
Controls : 2 Volume(Output A&B), 1 Magnetic Tone, Output Mode Switch, Magnetic/Piezo switch
Hardware : Cosmo Black
Colour : Deep Red


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