Ibanez PGM100 Paul Gilbert Sig.(The Original) $1800.00 - SOLD!

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Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny laquar chip

YEA! AT LAST!! We get a PGM on the site!!! We all know the guitar and we all know the SHREDDER behind it, but for that one person who hasn’t picked up a guitar mag. in the last 20yrs, this guitar belongs to Paul Gilbert truly one of the “Guitar Gods” of our time! Keeping this REALLY brief, Paul has been wowing the guitar world since age 14, before M.I.T he’s the co-founder of Racer-X and Mr.Big, has numerous solo projects, guest appearance on many artist/tribute albums, instructional dvds, magazine columnist, does guitar seminars worldwide, etc etc etc…GET THE POINT!! This guys so busy you would have to surgically remove his guitar. His knowledge of theory and his extremely high level technique and influence has ranked him as a “Super Guitarist” among guitarists and dispite having this status, a really down to earth guy with a wacky sense of humour.

Paul also loves vintage Ibanez and can been seen playing Vs, Icemans, RGs and one of his favorite workhorses still to this day is an old beat up RG called “Dino”. In 1989 Ibanez gave him his own sig. guitar which was the first in a line of PGM series. The pgm is pretty much a RG built to Pauls specifications/design. With the recently released PGM100RE 20th Anni. model on the market, owning an “Original” has become alot more special to collectors. The PGM100 ran from 1989~1991 (In Japan) and only the PGM100&200 would have the “Shark Tooth” inlay, distinctive pink F-Hole design and pick-ups and minus the “PGM Series logo on the head, Pauls first trem and non-trem sigs. The PGM series have always been popular with collectors but, as of recent have seen a surge in people trying to get their hands on the older models especially the rarer 10 Anni. and 90th Ham models. The PGM Importstrings have is in near new players condition and fantastic for its age with, 90%+ frets just the usual wear and some tiny dings (Almost unnoticable) and the sound? Well, VERY Paul Gilbert!

If your after PGMs “TELL US” we readily have them available although, the 200, 600, 700, 10th anni. and Ham are abit scarce but, we can get on availability. But if you don’t tell us we wont know!!

Body : Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple PGM Type w/Binding
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Sharktooth inlay
Bridge : Edge Tremolo
Pick-ups : (Front)Di Marzio PAF Pro, (Middle)Di Marzio FS-1, (Rear)Di Marzio PAF Pro
Controls : 1 Volume, 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Cosmo Black
Colour : Jewel Blue


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