Caparison Mattius”IA”Eklundh Sig. Apple Horn (Sand StoneⅡ), - $2750 - Sold!!

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New Condition

Importstrings have a 2009 Apple Horn in mint/new playing condition. This is the Sig model from yet another Swedish “shred meister” (It must be those long dark Winters or something in the beer?) This belongs to Mattius Eklundh who fronts the band Freak Kitchen, among many other side projects EG. Solo albums, guest guitarist, guitar clinics, etc…spreading the good word about Caparison.

The Apple Horn is based on the Horus but, with a few tweeks here and there, to suit Mattius’s off the wall style of playing. The noticeable difference is the unique FD finish,which is used on a few other Caparison models. It’s almost like a hard plastic/carbon looking material encasing the body, giving exellent mid-lower range sound. The Apple Horn logo is not just there for looks either, its engraved bang, smack in the middle of the body, designed to give extra resonance.

This colour variation ran from 2007~2009. Caparison DO NOT have a large production rate (everythings hands on) so there is not a great deal of these. Like the Horus, a very powerful sounding guitar, thats got crystal clear, clean tones. What a Metal guitar should sound like!!

Body: Mahogany w/Apple Horn sulpture,
Neck: Hard Maple w/Devils Tail head stock,
Fingerboard: 27 Jumbo fret,Rosewood & Ivory binding,w/clock inlay
Bridge: Schaller FRT-2,
Pick-ups: (Front)Caparison SH-27F,(Rear)Caparison PH-R,
Controls: 1 Volume w/Push Push 2 way pick-up selector,
Hardware Colour: Black
Colour: Sand Stone Ⅱ.

NOTE : It comes with a extra back plate signed


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