Ibanez L.A Custom Shop Designed AX-CSD1 - $1650-SOLD!!

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This is definitely one Ibanez for the collector who thought he had everything. An extremely rare L.A Custom Shop Designed AX-CSD1!! This is one of six in the series (2×6 string RG’s, 2×7 string RG’s, 1x S series and 1x AX series) that were released in mid 2000~mid 2001 in VERY LIMITED numbers and ONLY for the Japanese market. This was an Ibanez Japan and L.A Custom Shop collaboration model, some collectors call them the millenium series. As mentioned EXTREMELY RARE! The L.A Custom Shop usually DOES NOT make guitars for the public, it is strictly for endorsers ONLY. Seeing one, let alone getting your hands on one, is very difficult, this series is very highly prized in Japan and this is the first AX-CSD1 I have seen in the flesh.

The AX series to some look abit old fashioned and abit of an ugly duckling but don’t let looks deceive, it rocks just as hard as any other model and feels great to play. I think it looks pretty cool actually and a refreshing change from the norm. It has everything essential for ALL types of Rock/Metal and sounds very warm with nice mids. Having such a big chunk of Mahogany the AXCSD1 is suprisingly quite light and the Extreme Ocean colour looks great, depending on how you look at it, It changes from a metallic grey to a metallic blue. On the 12th fret you will also notice the very unique L.A Custom Shop trademark logo (Very cool) and for this series an extra padded special L.A Custom Shop logo’d softcase. (Believe it or not ALOT of Japanese prefer softcases rather than a hardcase, probably because there just as safe, ease of travel and space saving, due to their quite smaller houses/apartments)

Again, it sounds great but, personally if it had a pair of EMG’s better. The only negative thing I have to say about it, is it has a few battle scars, a few dings/scratching and is reflected in the price but, I just HAD to grab it, due to its rarity and collectorbility. Chances are this will be the only one we will see on the site and a safe bet to say this is the only one in Australia. In short if your looking for something out of the norm (body wise) with all the quality hardware/pick-ups, designed for Metal and is a VERY rare collectable. This is a perfect chance!! This would also look very nice sitting next to some J or U.S.A Customs and at a very reasonable price.
Vintage looking, modern sounding, very John 5ish?

(Also comes with an Ernie Ball locking strap)

Body : Mahogany
Neck : 5pc Maple & Bubinga AX Type
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/L.A Custom Shop logo at 12th fret
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio P.A.F Pro, (Rear) Di Marzio Super Distortion
Controls : 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3 way toggle
Hardware Colour : Silver
Colour : Extreme Ocean


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