Kramer C-2A (Grace Series) - $1250 - Sold!!!

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Right from the start, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kramer’s Glide/Grace series from 1989 are some of the highest quality Kramers ever made.There is so much quality for $$ packed in these guitars, that if you were to buy a guitar with the equivalent specs today (E.S.P Horizon) you would be paying alot more. The Glide/Grace series always stir controversy when seen outside of Japan. I’ve heard people say Super Pacer, Pacer Deluxe, Bolt-on Stagemaster, Proto-type Horizon etc.. Fact is they were created for the Japanese market because the Japanese yearned for a top quality model.

The difference between the Glide and Grace is, the Grace is an archtop model with added pick-up/switch configurations. To add to the confusion when these guitars were released they actually came with mixed Pacer, Glide, Grace and Stagemaster truss rod covers. Why?Probably from a selling point.

At the time quite a few American companies EG. Kramer, Jackson/Charvel, Washburn, Dean etc..moved alot of their production to Japan but, there was still that “Made In U.S.A” image so, backplates, extra decals or model names were added. Backplates with the companies U.S.A address were added (these DO NOT say made in U.S.A) or in the case of the Kramer “American” series, which included their top model Stagemaster, an extra decal saying, “American” was added, even today this confuses people. From 1985 E.S.P were suppling almost everything for Kramer, they were either built and assembled in Japan or built in Japan and assembled in the U.S.A. Japan had pretty much the same models plus orignal to Japan only models, just a different name and or electrics (these are the JK, EK, LK, TK series) NOT the cheaper Focus and 100 series that were intended as a cheaper alternative for the overseas market. (Kramer was a very inconsistant, confusing company).

The C2-A that Importstrings have is an all original 1989 one year only product and the top model of the Glide/Grace series. The pick-ups used on the C2-A are E.S.P originals and were used on the early Horizons, Mirages etc.. They are very nice pick-ups, with pull/push coil tap on the volume and tone controls and direct switch. There is ALOT of sounds in this guitar and very versitile. In later years E.S.P would change this model slightly and call it the Horizon, like so many other Kramer models. This is really how E.S.P took off in the late 80’s.

The C2-A is in perfect playing condition, it sounds and performs awesome, frets are very clean and still have 80%+, there is some light scratching and a few small dings to the bottem edge, but nothing that jumps out at you. A couple of laquar only dings to the heads edge but, again nothing big and the previous owner has done some touch ups to those so not very noticable. For a guitar thats going on 20yrs+ its in really good appearance and plays fantastic. Quality for $$! Its a shame Kramer do not make guitars like this anymore. In their day, an amazing, innovative company, sad they bit off more than they could chew.

Body : Alder
Neck : Maple
Fingerboard : Bound,24 fret,Ebony w/diamond inlay
Bridge : Floyd Rose
Pick-ups : (Front) E.S.P Power sleeper, (Rear) E.S.P Full Shaker
Controls : 1 Volume w/coil tap, 2 Tone w/coil tap, 3 way selector with direct switch
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Aqua Metallic


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