Jackson U.S.A PC-1 Au Natural ( Phil Collen Sig. ) Signed!! - $2600 - SOLD!!

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This is honestly the most impressive Jackson I have ever played!! Whether your into Def Leppard’s Phil Collen or not, the sounds you can create on the PC-1 are out of this world. No matter what music your into, this covers the lot and strongly recommended for the guitarist who wants MORE out of his/her guitar. Endless possibility for the guitarist who likes to experiment. With the regular combination of a volume, tone and 5 way selector, you have 1 nob and 2 switches to play with. 1 switch is your sustainer on/off and the nob controls the intensity of the sustain and drive, when the nobs turned up the sustain/drive really kicks in and WOOOW! The other switch is your mode/drive switch, which when activated gives awesome harmonics with no wailing mess. You can either activate sustain, drive or both PLUS your regular combination.

The PC-1 has killer tones when nothing is activated and running like a regular guitar, it has a very warm, smooth, crunch with the Di Marzio Super 3 in the bridge. Ive always been abit mmmmm about sustainers as they tend to be abit messy but the Jackson sustainer is crystal clear with no wailing interference at all, its very very impressive. If your into Satch/Vai type soloing? even better. How much the PC-1 can do for you is limited by your imagination, its quite hard to explain with such little space but I found myself like a kid with his favourite toy on Christmas day.

The condition of the PC-1 is like “MINT” 95% plus frets, no ware at all, this guitar was very rarely played and treated like a baby. This was a one owner guitar that was purchased at the Tokyo Guitar Show when Phil was demonstrating his own PC-1 at the Jackson booth. The owner also had Phil sign the guitar twice with pics of Phil signing it. It also comes with hang tags, manuals, information explaining how the sustainer/driver works from Jackson, wrenchs etc.. all in its original case. This is a beautiful natural looking guitar that was very well thought out when designed and one of those guitars you won’t put down.

Body : Mahogany w/Quilted Maple top
Neck : 1 pc quartersawn Eastern Rock Maple
Fingerboard : Compound-radius, Flame Maple
Bridge : Original Floyd-Rose
Pick-ups : (Front) Jackson Sustainer/Driver, (Middle) Di Marzio H2, (Rear) Di Marzio Super 3
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone Sustainer/Driver, Driver/Mode switches, Sustainer intensity nob, 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Gold
Colour : Au Natural


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