Star Rating

New condition
Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny lacquer chip
Minor ware,good playing condition,scratches,chips
Alot of ware (fret, parts wise) deep scratches, large chips
Electrical problems, Missing parts, cracks
No Rating as yet

Importstrings will be starting to import more vintage to the site and to clear up any confusion with the star rating,the star rating will be reflecting the overall playing condition of the guitar, not just appearance (but this will be mentioned as well) This is due to the fact that a vintage guitar EG.(68 or 79, strat or Les Paul usually come with many scratches, dings and even paint and or lacquer missing but, doesn’t necessarily mean that the guitar is not in “excellent” playing condition) To many collectors keeping it original is “Proper” to others a refinish brings the guitar back to its hey day, never the less vintage guitars are always great fun to collect and or restore. (Remember getting a particular guitar that is for example 20 odd years old in “MINT” condition is quite hard, so expect the odd ding or scratch, if “MINT” or a real collectors item expect to pay more!

Thanx for the support and happy hunting,