About Us

Hey Hey, all you guitar nuts.

Welcome to Import Strings an online frenzy opened by guitarist for guitarist, striving to give you the best quality for your hard earned dollar.

As players we understand the needs of guitarists and collectors alike. Import Strings strive to bring in the best quality we can (all guitars are thoroughly inspected in the country of origin). In fact most have never been played before. We cater for the collector and the guy who loves vintage, if you have a particular guitar in mind we will scour the earth to find it and give you the best possible quality for $$$.

Most guitars will come with certificates of authenticity but in some cases (vintage guitars) can almost be impossible, so all serial no. and specs are cross referenced with the makers specs at the time of production.

Due to a high demand in europe and u.s.a by collectors Import Strings also specialize in rare Ibanez (signature, limited, custom built) and e.s.p so whether your after a RG550, a particular e.s.p model or a 20th anni. Vai we will get’em. If your a guitarist who likes the out of the norm try us. If your after something that rarely comes here, (Caparison, Valley Arts, Performance, Suhr etc..) or an 80’s rocker who loves vintage Kramer, Jackson, Hamer, Charvel etc.. Try us.

Import Strings want to give you the guitar you really want, not whats available. So give us a go and keep on ROCKIN.

ABN : 52 743 582 980

EMAIL : david@importstrings.com