“Our Say”

On another note. Recently we have had quite a few emails saying, “Hey, You say this or that sounds great, BUT what are you playing them through?”, “What set-up do you have?”, Well we thought this was a very reasonable question and one we have neglected/forgot to add. Sooooooo Here we go!!

Well after 25+ years of having MANY different heads, cabs and combo’s EG. (Marshall, Laney, Gallien-Krueger, Mesa etc…) and countless pedals and multi-effect set-ups with cables and god knows what everywhere, I just got jack of it! I was forever unhappy with the sounds I was getting, due to the fact that I have a variety of guitars that I play and or test for the site. I needed something versitile yet simple, but most important a sound I was happy with. I was also tired of trying to adjust the guitars to the effects to the amps vice-versa.

The two amps I’m down to now is, a very dependable, take anywhere, early 90’s 100watt Yamaha combo that has very sweet vintage style tones. It’s great for classic type guitars EG. (Gibson, Fender, older 70’s Ibanez, Hamer etc..). I can plug straight in using what effects the amp has and get awesome Hendrix, S.R.V, Clapton, Blackmoore, Moore, Iommi, tweek it abit and its perfect for Scorpions, older Priest, Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Y&T type stuff. The clean channel is also very clean and warm sounding. You get the picture!!

The other set-up is a shrine that I pray to everyday thanking the gods of Metal for!!! This does EVERYTHING the Yamaha does +++. Yes!! It cost a little bit more than your average stack, but I think worth every cent! Its powered by an unforgiving, 400watt, 16 valve, Mesa-Boogie Strategy power amp. I have 2x Custom quads and the main effects are from the ADA MP-1 Classic, plus other assorted delays, equalizers, etc.. and everything is rack mounted, with one pedal board running everything at the push of a switch. EASY!!! With the really cool factory pre-sets and my own creations, I get everything form, Chuck Berry, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Overkill to All That Remains. It can be crystal clean, mellow and warm or just out right BRUTAL.
Its sooooo versatile and, OH! YES!!!, It also has enough power to blow the hair of the family dog!! And I just love it when the drummer says, Can you turn that thing down, I cant hear what I’m bangin!!! (Thats without all the F#%kins in between) The only down side is I need a forklift to get it to the gig!! It weighs in at just over 130kg!

Well this is what 90% of Importstrings guitars are tested on (I’ve got to make sure they work right? )The comments WE make on the guitars are OUR opinions alone and are as honest as possible. Because of our passion for guitars and the variety that pass through our hands, we DO NOT rubbish this or that brand (Like MANY), I honestly believe its what you plug it into or what you want the instrument to do/sound like for you. With my own guitars, “I think” using particular condensors on the volume and or tone pots brings out the best in your instrument. (It dosn’t change the sound it just amplifies the sounds that were already there, bringing out the real tones of the woods) Most pick-ups are great but I like that little bit more, espeically if you have some really nice woods.

I hope this answered a few questions and as I said, these are our honest opinions on the guitars advertised. The set-up they are played through is probably alot different than the norm, but we think its a great set-up thats very versatile for playing such a variety of different brands.

Once again THANX!! for the support and all the positive feedback,we hope to be expanding the site in the next few months with alot more guitars and a few different columns. At present YOU have taken us to being the NO.1 used exotic/rare guitar importer in Australia!!
Thanx again ,


And make sure you listen to Metal at least 5 times a day!!