Ibanez J Custom JCS-1(S9870)CRS - $2500 - Sold!!

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This is the VERY sought after JCS-1 (S9870) from 2000~2002. ONLY 12 were originally released in 2000, due to their popularity Ibanez extended production until 2002, in total 36 made ONLY!! (2 of which I own, I’m a big S series fan). S series J Customs are very few and far between getting hold of them is very difficult, these models sold out almost instantly when first released.

Quite often we are contacted by collectors/musicians wanting to slim down thier collection or sell a particular guitar, which is great because we can pass on a little bit of history surrounding an instrument. This was a one owner guitar purchased in 2002 by a pro muso who only used it for recording purposes. He plays in a Metal band that sounds similar to Extreme and has done a few radio/T.V commercials with it (Never been played live). It was purchased because of its incredible sound and versatility, it has also been well maintained.

This is a beautiful looking AAAA grade Quilted Maple top and matching head with a Honduras Mahogany back and again Honduras Mahogany/Bubinga set-in neck with an Ebony fingerboard. All are quite heavy woods so there are very rich, warm tones and deep, crunchy lows. The playability, versatility and sound of this J Custom oozes quality. You dont just hear it, you feel it!!.

The appearance and condition of the JCS-1 is very, very good its in awesome playing condition, little ware to the hardware, 80%+ frets, very light scuff/scratching to the back and a small ding to the back top edge, overall very nice collectable condition all in its original case. This maybe the only one of its kind in Australia, this is one serious looking, sounding machine!!!

I would love to dribble on more but, on another note Being a very big S series fan, if your after 540S LTD, FM, gambale S series guitars from the late 80’s~late 90’s with the DiMarzio/Ibanez U.S.A or q series pick-ups and custom made inlay etc.. tell us we can get them.

Body : AAAA Quilted Maple top & binding w/Honduras Mahogany back
Neck : 5pc Honduras Mahogany/Bubinga, Super Wizard set-in neck, Quilted Maple matching head
Fingerboard : Ebony w/binding, Abalone off-set dot inlay and Custom Jumbo frets
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) DiMarzio Air Norton, (Middle) DiMarzio Blue Velvet, (Rear) DiMarzio Tone Zone
Controls : 1 Vol, 1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Pearl Gold
Colour : CRS (Cherry Red Sunburst)

Ibanez WRB3 CA (Reb Beach Sig.) Signed - $1800 - Sold!!

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This MEGA-RARE Sig. belongs to the melodic, two hand tapping, shredding machine Reb Beach. If you don’t know him? you should!! This guy is one of the classiest players on the planet. When the 80’s Hair Metal band Winger fell apart in the early 90’s Reb Beach was unleashed. The list of musicians he has recorded/toured with would fill this page. Between solo projects he has recorded/toured with the likes of Alice Cooper, Andy Timmons, Dokken, Night Ranger, Whitesnake etc… and now splits most of his time with a reformed Winger and Whitesnake. You might want to check Reb out on Youtube he is amazing to watch.

Anyway back to the WRBM3. This was released in 1990 ONLY along with the WRBM3 GRP graphic model (Wingers album cover). They were released in VERY LIMITED numbers and most signed by Reb. These guitars are almost never seen anymore and are way rarer than Reb’s other sig. model the Voyager. Like the Voyager the WRBM3 is a very unique Reb Beach design and whats even more unique is the specially designed soft case. The case was designed just for this model and the cool part is, the case strap is your guitar strap as well. The strap works just like the Di Marzio clip-lock strap, just clip on clip off, one strap two purposes. This case is no flimsy soft case either its tough and sturdy. This guitar sounds very smooth, Mahogany bodies and E.M.G’s are a match made in heaven, crunch, clarity and warmth. Reb’s sig. neck is also very comfortable to grip, not to thick not to thin and the Jim Dunlop #6130 frets feel great, very similar to a Steve Vai neck.

The condition of this monster is very good. There is some light scratching around the Ibanez logo on the head and some scratching to the signed back plate, other than that its in very good players condition. Its VERY HARD to find guitars with weird shapes with no dings or heavy scratching. The frets are about 75% still, almost no ware to the hardware, its very clean for its age. It looks great and sounds awesome!! If your a collector of rare Ibanez guitars you wont want to miss out on this. For the Reb Beach fan who cant get hold of a WRBM3 and cant afford the 5k for his Suhr sig. model this is a great oppotunity.

Body : Mahogany
Neck : 1pc Maple RBM Sig.
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/dot inlay and Jim Dunlop #6130 frets
Bridge : Edge Tremolo
Pick-ups : (Front) E.M.G SA, (Middle) E.M.G SA, (Rear) E.M.G 85
Controls : 1 Volume with 5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Candy Apple Red

Ibanez JPM100-P4 (John Petrucci Sig.) - $2400 - Sold!!

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Importstrings have another JPM100. This is the JPM100-P4 Picasso Graphics, the last model in the series of 4 to be released. The JPM100 series were produced from 1995~2000, the JPM100-P4 being released in 1998. As far as Ibanez signature collectables go, the JPM series rank HIGH! This series is one of the most sought after, especially the JPM100-P1A (Multi-coloured pick-ups), JPM100-P3 and JPM90HAM. Expect to pay big for those P3 and 90HAM models. These guitars also sound AWESOME, powerful, bright, smooth and for just 3 pick-up selections very versatile.

The only gripe I have with the P4 is the semi-matt finish, like all matt finished guitars they tend to mark easy. The P4 Importstrings have is in really good players condition. The top, sides, neck, head etc.. are in exellent condition, the only marks are a few VERY small, laquar ONLY chips to the back edge all about 1mm in size and abit of buckle rash next to the back plate. Thats it!! Other than that, in excellent playing/appearance and a very nice collectable. The P4 we have also comes with ALL the original papers, hang tags, hard case etc..

Note:Due to the present earthquake damage in Japan we are experiencing a few expected postage problems.

Body : Basswood
Neck : 1pc Maple JPM type
Fingerboard : Dunlop 6100 Jumbo frets, Rosewood w/off set-dot and white binding,
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio Air Norton, (Rear) Di Marzio Steves Special
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone, 3 way toggle selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Picasso P4 Graphics

Ibanez L.A Custom Shop Designed AX-CSD1 - $1650-SOLD!!

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This is definitely one Ibanez for the collector who thought he had everything. An extremely rare L.A Custom Shop Designed AX-CSD1!! This is one of six in the series (2×6 string RG’s, 2×7 string RG’s, 1x S series and 1x AX series) that were released in mid 2000~mid 2001 in VERY LIMITED numbers and ONLY for the Japanese market. This was an Ibanez Japan and L.A Custom Shop collaboration model, some collectors call them the millenium series. As mentioned EXTREMELY RARE! The L.A Custom Shop usually DOES NOT make guitars for the public, it is strictly for endorsers ONLY. Seeing one, let alone getting your hands on one, is very difficult, this series is very highly prized in Japan and this is the first AX-CSD1 I have seen in the flesh.

The AX series to some look abit old fashioned and abit of an ugly duckling but don’t let looks deceive, it rocks just as hard as any other model and feels great to play. I think it looks pretty cool actually and a refreshing change from the norm. It has everything essential for ALL types of Rock/Metal and sounds very warm with nice mids. Having such a big chunk of Mahogany the AXCSD1 is suprisingly quite light and the Extreme Ocean colour looks great, depending on how you look at it, It changes from a metallic grey to a metallic blue. On the 12th fret you will also notice the very unique L.A Custom Shop trademark logo (Very cool) and for this series an extra padded special L.A Custom Shop logo’d softcase. (Believe it or not ALOT of Japanese prefer softcases rather than a hardcase, probably because there just as safe, ease of travel and space saving, due to their quite smaller houses/apartments)

Again, it sounds great but, personally if it had a pair of EMG’s better. The only negative thing I have to say about it, is it has a few battle scars, a few dings/scratching and is reflected in the price but, I just HAD to grab it, due to its rarity and collectorbility. Chances are this will be the only one we will see on the site and a safe bet to say this is the only one in Australia. In short if your looking for something out of the norm (body wise) with all the quality hardware/pick-ups, designed for Metal and is a VERY rare collectable. This is a perfect chance!! This would also look very nice sitting next to some J or U.S.A Customs and at a very reasonable price.
Vintage looking, modern sounding, very John 5ish?

(Also comes with an Ernie Ball locking strap)

Body : Mahogany
Neck : 5pc Maple & Bubinga AX Type
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/L.A Custom Shop logo at 12th fret
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio P.A.F Pro, (Rear) Di Marzio Super Distortion
Controls : 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3 way toggle
Hardware Colour : Silver
Colour : Extreme Ocean

Ibanez U.S.A Custom UCEW1LC NT - $2500!! - Sold!!

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Another first for Importstrings is a VERY RARE and VERY HARD to get your hands on,LEGENDARY U.S.A Custom Exotic Woods Series UCEW1LC NT with Custom Shop ordered upgrades!! This guitar at the time,was Ibanez at their very best! Now I’m not taking any thunder away from the J Customs of today, which are extremely well built and beautifully sounding, BUT this monster is WOOW! sounding and will punch holes in many J Customs. Sadly the two top series of U.S.A Customs, the American Masters and Exotic woods have been over shadowed by the J Customs, which is understandable, being that ALL the U.S.A Customs were built from 1989~1996 in limited numbers, a generation gap, a lack of internet info (if any in those days) and the U.S.A Custom very rarely leaving the U.S.

Now VERY BREIFLY, I’ll try to explain why these exquisite guitars are so sought after! It all started many years ago,way back in the late 80’s (Now I feel old) By that time Ibanez had already established themselves with many fine, quality built instruments, but now it was time to take on the major players in their own back yard, so to speak. Very quietly, in the late 80’s they opened up Hoshino U.S.A in Bensalam P.A with a small team of American designers. They were to establish themselves as the Ibanez Custom Craft shop. In the short time from 1988~1990 they came out with many fine creations like the 540S, 540P, 540R (Which would later go back to Japan for full blown production) and the first in the U.S.A Custom Shop series the American Masters etc..
With Ibanez now getting more of a slice of the American market, it was decided to move shop, to California, and open two shops. In short one being exclusively for the endorser, they were to grab would be endorsers, create for them and maintain their instruments etc.. at NO EXPENSE spared. Some of those heavy weight guitarists being the likes of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Frank Gambale etc, etc… The other shop, located a short distance away was for the U.S.A Custom Shop series, direct to the public/shops. In all, five different series would be produced, with some having outside help. With some series, the bodies came direct from Japan with only the bridge humbucker routed, giving the customer the option of pick-up configuration, choice of Di Marzios, neck woods, frets etc.. These models were usually ordered through the local Ibanez dealer, with spec sheet made available. Like I said, Ibanez were going full out to IMPRESS! The Custom shop to the public was closed in 1996 due to sales which was brought on by a change in music, but the custom shop for the endorsors is still open today. When Ibanez closed the custom shop to the public, it was decided to bring all that custom guitar experience back to Japan with a new limited line called the “J Custom. YUP!! If there had not been such models as the American Masters or Exotic woods there may never had been a J Custom. Which brings us FINALLY to the Exotic Woods.
Now this is where it gets tricky. The Exotic Woods Series were made from 1990~1992 with 6 models in the series, the UCEWFM and UCEWQM being the more expensive models. They came STANDARD with metal nobs, centered pearl dot inlay, birdseye maple neck, Jumbo Frets, cosmo black hardware, Di Marzio PAF PRO x2, IBZ/USA C3 x1 pick-ups that were direct mounted. The UCEW1LC came STANDARD with plastic nobs, offset pearl dot inlay, maple neck, Jumbo Frets, black hardware, Di Marzio PAF PRO x2, Di Marzio VS-1 x1 and were ring mounted.
The model we have was CUSTOM ORDERED sharing the same specs as the top models, plus abalone inlays, Jim Dunlop 6105 Frets, Di Marzio Double Whammy in the bridge and keeping the standard black hardware. This is a ONE OWNER guitar thats was puchased in 1992, then brought back to Japan in late 2006, in that time he also has had installed, an E.S.P Arming Adjuster (Designed to bring your tremelo back to zero point after all those dives). More info.from E.S.P.
Another note about the Exotic woods Series, is the bodies were bulit by Tak Hosono, (founder of E.S.P) of Hosono Guitar Works. These bodies are of the highest quality and the EXTRA THICK Australian Lacewood top used, is absolutely amazing, the woods were highly polished giving holographic effects. Getting an Exotic Woods is quite rare but getting one with Lacewood of this calibar VERY RARE!! This is the ONLY model Ibanez have used an Australian Lacewood top making it very unique indeed! As mentioned the sound of this guitar is WOW! Punch, classic, fat, warm bottoms, awesome tone and sustain through-out, due to two factors. One being the quality woods/direct mounted pick-ups (these always give a bit more than ring mounted) and two the E.S.P Tremelo Adjuster is always in contact with the tremelo block, the vibrations ring down through the block, into the body giving added tone, sustain and clarity to a guitar that already sounded good.

The condition is almost like new!! This guitar has been treated like a baby, almost no ware to the hardware, 80%+ frets, body is mega-clean, almost like new playing condition! The only flaws in this guitar is, the original owner lost the back plate (no biggy, for a few bucks that can be ordered or made) and a chip at the truss rod hole which has been touched up. THATS IT!!! This is an 18yr old instument that looks like it came off the shelf yesterday, all in its original Custom Shop case (with serial no. still intact) and owners manual. It also has a very low serial no.of the 210th instrument built in 1992. If your an Ibanez collector, you will know how rare this is, and how much, of a fasinating peice of Ibanez history it is.
The craftmanship on this guitar is second to none, J Customs included!!

Body : Highly polished Australian Lacewood w/Honduras Mahogany back
Neck : 1pc.Birds eye Maple, Ultra type,
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone centered dots and Jim Dunlop 6105 frets
Bridge : Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio PAF PRO, (Middle) Di Marzio VS-1, (Rear) Di Marzio Double Whammy
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : NT (Natural)

Ibanez PGM500 (Paul Gilbert Sig) - $1800 - Sold!!

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Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny lacquer chip

One guitar you can see Paul going ballistic with in the heights of the Mr Big days, was his PGM500. This was used ALOT! live and used quite abit on his early solo albums like Flying Dog/Alligator Farm. The PGM500 of Pauls did some punishing tours and recording, a really reliable workhorse. Unlike his old favourites, the P.A.F powered PGM100s & 300s, the PGM500 has Di Marzio’s Tone Zone and Humbucker From Hell giving more punch and tone. The PGM500 ran from 1993~1998 in two versions, the 93~97 had a Di Marzio FS-1 single coil and the 98 a JEM single.

The PGM500 Importstrings have is an all original 1994 model and in great conditon, it does have a few laquar only dings, nothing big, a few light scratches and the usual wear/slight oxidation of the hardware colour, 80%+ frets, overall a really cool bit of Gilbert history and a nice collectable.(These are quite scarce in Australia)!!

A bit of trivia, there is one more other PGM in Candy Apple Red , its the VERY ELUSIVE and quite hard to find PGM400.These came out in limited numbers and just how many there are remains is a mystery, some say 50 some 100….Who knows?. They are exactly the same as the PGM500 except for the regular style headstock and a vintage strat looking bridge. As for the PGM500 we have?….If your a Gilbert fan don’t miss out!!! Although these aren’t that scarce, these are hard too find in good condition.

Neck:1 pc Maple Wizard,
Fingerboard:Rosewood w/Clay dots,
Pick-ups:(Front)Di Marzio Humbucker From Hell,(Middle)Di Marzio FS-1,(Rear)Di Marzio Tone Zone,
Controls:1 Volume,w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour:Gold
Colour:Candy Apple Red

Ibanez J Custom RG8420ZD BX - $2600 - Sold!!

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New condition

Importstrings have another 08/09 J Custom RG8420ZD BX in stock and in prestine(Mint/New)playing condition. Purchased in April 09 and has sat in a collection! This guitar looks like it just came off the shelf yesterday, NOT ONE blemish,smear or wear(of course we have to test them to see if your getting what we say) Comes with ALL the gadgets,original tags,cards and certs. The RG8420ZD comes with the Newer Edge Zero tremolo and Zero Point System and has some pretty impressive power. Personally the Duncans have abit more of a wilder sound than the Di Marzio’s and the Custom 5 in the bridge really explodes!!, I kind of think of the RG8420ZD as Ibanez’s answer to Jacksons Soloist BUT!with WAY MORE class ;) .Like ALL J Customs stunning craftmanship and all of the state of the art hardware and electronics to back up those looks!
Since 1996 when the first J Customs came out and to this day,I still get a grin on my face from,when I open the case ,plugging it in and seeing it stand in my collection(YUP!still a big kid!)and I still say ,there is a J Custom out there for the most fussiest of guitarists. As mentioned before we are Australia’s NO.1 importer of J Customs and if there is a particular model that you think suits you,we’ll do our VERY BEST to TRY and track one down!

Body:Flame Maple top & binding w/Mahogany back
Neck:5pc. Maple/Walnut,Super Wizard w/Velvet touch,Flame Maple matching head
Fingerboard:Rosewood w/Flame Maple binding,JC Tree of life(06ver.)and Custom Jumbo frets
Bridge:Edge Zero w/Zero Point System
Pick-ups:(Front)Seymour Duncan SH-3 Jazz,(Rear)Seymour Duncan TB-14 Custom 5
Controls:1 Volume,1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour:Cosmo Black
Colour:Black Onyx

Ibanez J Custom RG8670 TB - $2500 - Sold!!

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Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny laquar chip

Coming soon Importstrings have another Jaw dropping J Custom!!, This RG8670 is the first catalogue J Custom to be produced, and personally have a more raunchier tone than the latest J Customs, unlike the latest j Custom RG8470 models,The 8670 came with an ebony fret board and Maple/Bubinga neck, were as the 8470 has a Maple/Walnut neck, Its the woods that give it that little bit more of an edge and one of my most favourite J Customs (This is the very sought after pre “06″ version neck), The RG8670 Importstrings have is in Fantastic condition and for a 6year old guitar has hardly been played, it still has 85%+ frets and few laquor ONLY dings (all 1mm in size) yes they are almost unoticeable and for the fussy, could quite easily be touched up!!, Some very, very light pick-scuff/scratchers, but in Absoloutely fantastic playing condition!!, The RG8670 is getting harder to find these days and in this condition a real recommendation to anybody who loves quality sound and looks!!,

Note: Also comes with ALL the gadgets and a bonus original Ibanez strap with J Custom lock pins, And all CERTS

Body:Flame Maple top & binding w/Mahogany back
Neck:5pc. Maple/Bubinga,Super Wizard,Flame Maple matching head
Fingerboard:Ebony w/Flame Maple binding,JC Tree of life(pre 06 Ver.)and Custom Jumbo frets
Bridge:Edge Pro
Pick-ups(Front)Di Marzio Air Norton(Middle)Di Marzio Blue Velvet(Rear)Di Marzio Tone Zone
Controls:1 Volume,1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour:Chrome
Colour:Transparent Blue (TB)

Ibanez Prestige RG2610e - $1500 - Sold!

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New condition

Importstrings have new/mint unplayed 2610e, Sometimes the 2610 is also advertised as a 2610e om (over seas models),An out of the norm design for Ibanez, these guitars were made in japan and intended for the overseas market, targeting the U.S.A market in general, The 2610 was distrubuted in Japan in limited numbers. The 2610 is designed with the early 80’s rock/metal U.S.A muscle guitars in mind, like there muscle cars simple to operate , Slick design and brute power. If you are into rock/metal and want alot of power this guitar will not dissapoint!!!!!!!!, It has everything essential for metal, State of the art tremlo system, Slim, fast shredding neck and a Seymour Duncan full shred humbucker for melting those ears.

CAUITION : Try not to upset your neighbours at EXTREME volumes!!!!!

Neck:5 pc Wizard Maple/Walnut
Bridge:Edge Pro
Pick-ups:Seymour Duncan Full Shred
Hardware Colour:Cosmo Black
Colour:Bk (Black)

Ibanez J Custom IRG8470 NK (Shop Original) - $2800 SOLD!

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Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny lacquer chip

Now this is one STUNNING J Custom and in the VERY,VERY sought after shop original colour of Nude Pink. This is a JAW DROPPER and one of the most difficult to get your hands on!!. A total of 6 made for Ishibashi(Tokyo Region) in mid 07″ and before you could blink, disappeared from the shops.This j Custom is HOT!!Now I have had ALOT of guitars go through my hands but,Ive rarely seen a guitar that draws so much attention/questions like this one(Almost embarrassing to take out of the case).In any collection sticks out like the crown jewels! The IRG8470 has the same specs as the 06″ J Custom 8470F and sound as good as they look,these guitars are one smooth sounding guitar.The J Custom Importstrings have is in near new playing condition although,it does have 3x VERY small lacquer only dings/finish cracks and are almost unnoticable and could quite easily be touched up if wanted,it also has no ware/rust on the hardware.Overall its in really amazing condition and a rare oppotunity for anyone who appreciates quality and beauty in their collection.This may be the only one of its kind in Australia!!.

Note:If your after J Customs let us know,If we dont have it in stock we will do our best to track any particular model down.We are Australia’s NO.1 Importer of these beautiful instruments so don’t hesitate to ask!!.For those outside of Australia we also export direct from Japan to ALMOST any country nominated.

Body:Flame Maple top & binding w/Mahogany back
Neck:5pc. Maple/Walnut,Super Wizard w/Velvet touch,Flame Maple matching head
Fingerboard:Rosewood w/Flame Maple binding,JC Tree of life(06 Ver.)and Custom Jumbo frets
Bridge:Edge Pro
Pick-ups(Front)Di Marzio Air Norton(Middle)Di Marzio Blue Velvet(Rear)Di Marzio Tone Zone
Controls:1 Volume,1 Tone w/5 way selector
Hardware Colour:Cosmo Black
Colour:Nude Pink