Ibanez J Custom RG1608 SLB $2300.00 -SOLD!

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Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny lacquer chip

Absolutely stunning and one of the best I’ve seen is this RG1608 in “Silky Blue”, part of the VERY sought after “Silky Series” from 1997/98. The Silkys are an interesting model, first released in the (Japanese) Summer of mid-97 till early 98. Originally released as a set of 2 (Silky Blue, Amber) but, early 97 a Silky Garnet top came out with a J Custom neck were as the first 2 came out with the Wizard Special. The 1608 also has an impressive combination of pick-ups with Di Marzios Super 3, Blue Velvet and FRED, out of the norm for a J Custom and the sound? The medium output FRED in the neck is like a PAF on steroids, great harmonics, tight and warm, Blue Velvet very bright, clean and clear and the Super 3″HOLY CRAP” Hold on to the furniture!! Crunch, Treble, Overdrive but TIGHT! Combined Satch meets Overkill!! Awesome range and perfect for Hard Rock/Metal. It’s in almost NEW condition rated 4 stars due to a couple of VERY TINY dings and some buckle rash above the back plate which is really difficult to photograph(but there there). Like I said one of the best examples I’ve seen for its age(Almost unplayed).

A couple of points Id like to point out is, why the J Customs are so popular and their players so fanatical?

1. They are incredibly crafted instruments and sound as good as they look, because of the range of J Customs there is a model, that would meet the needs of the most fussiest player. They are crafted by Ibanez’s finest and not on the assembly line but, by the Custom Craft Division, hands on all the way, the detail is spot on!

2. These guitars are RARE. Unlike jems etc..these guitars are built in the dozens, sometimes less, as an example the JC-CM1, 1 model, 3 colours, 5 of each. This is enough to supply the shops that sell them. Remember these are ONLY available (Until recently) for the Japanese domestic market. Shop originals, spot models or order models built on an even smaller scale. Fact is I come across more rare Jems, PGMs, JPMs ETC..than I would a particular J-Custom, most I’ve seen in the flesh but sadly, some I might never see, its just availability, luck and annoying the collectors/contacts we know. Although it is hard as hell to get some models, I hope Ibanez NEVER mass produce these exquisite instruments lowering the quality!! And we will be bringing you MORE!

Body : AAA Flame Maple top(7.0mm)& binding, w/Mahogany back
Neck : 3 pc Wizard Special
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Abalone off-set dot and Custom Jumbo Frets
Bridge : Lo-Pro Edge
Pick-ups : (Front) Di Marzio FRED, (Middle) Di Marzio Blue Velvet, (Rear) Di Marzio Super 3
Controls : 1 Volume , 1 Tone, 5 Way selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Silky Blue


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