Charvel Model-6/650XL (Japan Only Model) - $1400!! - Sold!!

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Near new playing condition,scuff/tiny lacquer chip

This is a “VERY RARE JAPAN ONLY” SL-145-SSW (Model-6/650XL) conversion model and very hard to get your hands on!!. Charvel like Kramer and a few other companies at the time, were very inconsistant with production, with some spot models (Shop order models) not appearing in catalogues. The competition with Charvel and Kramer was particularly ferocious, especially in Japan.

In 1989 Charvel released the “New look” Contemporary or Toothpaste models (called this because of the new logo) for the overseas market. Japan from mid 89 ~ mid 90 released many of the same models BUT!!, still using the Model series logo and introducing the newer logo more slowly and with optional order graphics. The model Importstrings have appeared in the JAPAN ONLY 1989 catalogue. The Japanese catalogue also came with a custom order made, price list, specs and blank page, giving the customer/shops the option of body, electrics, graphics etc.. Much like E.S.P today (At a pretty hefty price though!)
The one Importstrings have was a shop order original in PPC (Platinum Painted Crackle) and as mentioned a “conversion model”. Basically what it is, is a Model-6,having the new Contemporary Schallar made FLC-202 or JT590 tremelo instead of the Schallar JT-6 trem and having a 5-way blade pick-up selector opposed to the older 3-way mini toggles (THATS IT!) Body woods and electrics are exactly the same. From mid 90 Japan would release these as the Charvel 650XL and having the Contemporary logo for only one year, just like the export models, Then that was it! The end of the top quality models. Metal wasn’t as popular, the demand wasn’t there, some companies had bitten off more than they could chew and the quality just slipped away.

Charvel (Japan) continued but we would not see REAL QUALITY again untill the mid 2000’s with the awesome Model A, B, C and a cost performance D. Charvel was back, with some top quality instruments, designed with the San Dimas models in mind.

As for the condition? Its in equally amazing condition, all there is, is a 1X (laquar only) mark about 2mm on the underneath of the head and some very light scratching. There is very little ware to the hardware and the frets are 70%+. The electrics as expected sound awesome, VERY smooth with warm tones, overall in amazing condition!!Although descibed as PPC (Platinum) in colour, it appears a very light gold. These Charvels DO NOT come up that often, so if your a collector don’t miss out!! These are real top quality for $$ guitars and a real collectors peice!!

(Note) These guitars run on a 9v battery for the active cicuitry, having a good quality battery is important!!

Body : Poplar
Neck : Quater sawn Rock Maple Thru-neck
Fingerboard : Rosewood w/Sharktooth inlay
Bridge : Schaller FLC-202 locking system
Pick-ups : (Front & Middle) J200 Dual coil, Bi level humbucking (designed for use with active cicuitry), (Rear) J50BC Accentuated High Frequency bridge postioning humbucking (Designed for use with active circuitry)
Controls : 1 Volume, 1 Tone, Jackson low impendence JE-1200 with mid-boost, 5-way blade selector
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Platinum Painted Crackle


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