Charvel Limited Model-88 (No.679) - $1,000 - Sold!!

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This is without doubt the most sought after Charvel by collectors of the Model series “The Charvel Model-88″. These days this guitar is usually only seen in collections, finding and or buying one is almost impossible. The collectors who have them VERY RARELY part with them. Its not uncommon to see this model go for well over $1000US, they are just that sought after!! There is also a pretty interesting story surounding the Model-88.

Just like the Limited Edition Jackson 88 models, the Charvel-88 was limited to only 1000pcs (All numbered) but due to a warehouse fire it is estimated that 50%~60% of the stock was lost, So there isn’t that many out there and the serial numbers are all over the place.

Another reason is there striking appearance. Unlike other Model series, this is the only Mahogany model and not your average Mahogany. This is the banned African Ribbon Mahogany, a rare Mahogany to find on guitars. Like all Mahoganys they darken over time, African Ribbon Mahoganys dark striped grain really darkens leaving the lighter grain go a golden brown, its a beautiful looking wood but apparently a nightmare to work with.

The Model-88 has very well balanced rich tones but alot of people who own them, swap the pick-up for an E.M.G 81 or 85 and I have to admit, I have played a Model-88 with an E.M.G 85 and it explodes!!! Very impressive!!

The Model-88 Importstrings have is in excellent playing condition, almost no ware to the hardware and has 75%+ frets. There is some fine scratching and a laquar only ding to the reverse part on the head, other than that, a VERY NICE used example. If you know anything about buffing and have abit of patience, a buff with a very fine compound will bring this guitar back to like new appearance (This is for the very fussiest person). Overall its in AWESOME playing condition/appearance for a guitar going on 22yrs. As mentioned a very difficult guitar to get hold of and the prize jewel in any Charvel collection. For those of you who always wanted to start up a Charvel collection? What a start this would make. Die hard collectors will know what I mean.

Body : African Ribbon Mahogany
Neck : Reversed Hard Maple
Fingerboard : 22 Jumbo fret,Rosewood w/Mother of pearl Sharkfin inlays
Bridge : Jackson JT-6 locking system
Pick-ups : J-90c Ultra-High output humbucker
Controls : 1 Volume
Hardware Colour : Black
Colour : Dark Sunburst


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